Thursday, January 10, 2008

The 20 Unit Count Down OR "The Be Bop 2o Unit Shuffle"

It's starting. My pump has suddenly become musical as it gives me my first warning, Playing the pump "Be Bop" 20 Unit Shuffle.

20 units left before it's time to put in a new insulin reservoir and infusion set.
The count down continues its downward spiral in 5 unit increments until it gets down to single digits. Then it becomes more frequent and intrusive as it bitches its warning siren every hour until zero.


My current reservoir was started at 7:20 PM on Tuesday, January 8th (Shit, I forgot to call my brother on his birthday) and for almost 3 days I feel close to normal. Especially on that full 24/48 hour cycle where my pump keeps quiet and lets me take the lead in this dance called my life.

Of course, the tubing might get caught in the door nob; my battery might need to be changed, or my infusion site may have lost it's magic and need to be replaced. But for the full two/three days of not worrying about an empty reservoir, I'm reminded of what little I can remember about life without needles.

Back to the Numbers drop. I have 20.3 units and 17 hours left. More like 13 because I have a meeting tomorrow morning at 10 for a potential Diabetes comedy gig and I can't have pump "Be Bop Shuffle" continually playing in and out of my head. The pump"Be Bop 20 Unit Shuffle" actually works really well during a gig because my audience can totally relate. But during an initial meeting, I'd rather not have to deal. PLUS, let face it, I just don't feel like carrying my insulin & pump accoutrement on my person. My spare battery;spare infusion set, blood sugar strips/machine, and the spare Lara Bar are enough to carry, THANK-YOU VERY MUCH.

I'm done complaining and get on with living. It's a "Diabetesalicious" life. and I know it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly.

I can't recall whether or not my first pump could sing the "Be Bop Shuffle." I do know that it did not have a "gas gage" like the one I have now.

There were more than a few times when I wished I could call "Pumper's AAA" to come out and save me with a full reservoir!

Good luck with your interview.

k2 said...


I wonder what's more expensive, insulin or gasoline?

Kelly K