Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Normally I only post once a day, if that....BUT

YI Blogaroonies -

or two weeks, January 6-19, 2008, T.J. Maxx stores throughout the United States will hold an in-store promotion to raise money for Joslin Diabetes Center's High Hopes Fund to help advance the fight against diabetes. This is the second year in a row that T.J. Maxx has hosted the promotion.
There are 850 T.J. Maxx stores nationwide. Last year's promotion raised more than $290,000 for the High Hopes Fund.

So now not only do you get the "Maxx for the minimum," but you get to raise some "dead presidents' for Diabetes. Could this mean that shopping for shoes could actually be considered a tax deduction?
Oh sweet mystery of life!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Kelly.

I'll support ANYTHING for a chance to itemize some $h_t kickers!! ;^)

k2 said...

Amen to the power of Shoes brother!

Scott S said...

Hmmmm, tax-deductions for shoes? Sounds good, that's what I call creative accounting!

k2 said...

Scott -
Raising money for the Big D by buying shoes is still raising money for the big D! Plus, as diabetics we must take care of our feet. Purchasing snappy looking," well fitted leather shoes daily is VERY important. After all, membership has its privileges...
Kelly K

Unknown said...

Raising $$ 4 D research and educational programs is and probably will always be underserved! I applaud any company that realizes this fact and makes an effort to donate time, energy, and especially $$$. I especially like the focus on shoes 'cause you gotta take care of the wheels and this program places the emphasis on your feet!

k2 said...

Bill -
I have to be honest, I put the emphasis on the feet,actually the SHOES. It's an addiction worse than carbs for me!
Thanks for commenting!
Kelly K