Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Freckled Finger Tips

My fingers tips are freckled with dots.
Dots that rest on callouses
Calluses caused by continually pricking them with a lance
Which pierces my finger tips for a blood drop
A blood drop that is placed on a strip
A strip that is placed in a machine
A machine that's a quick study
5 seconds later a number appears
If the number is high, I feel tired and guilty
I bolus accordingly
If the number is low
I already know before it appears,
I shake, sweat, and feel light headed
My appetite is insatiable
Quickly I grab the juice box
And I try my best to remember the rule
15 carbs at a time to treat a low blood sugar - yeah right!
If it's in the golden range of Blood Sugar Nirvana
I'm proud and relieved
Until the cycle starts all over again
It never ends
I find test strips everywhere
In places they were never meant to be
The type 3's in my life yell at me regarding my test strip trail
I will never be a hand model...But that's Ok
Life is sweet and I go with the flow


Anonymous said...

The insatiable appetite thing is right on, Kelly. I have NEVER been able to eat just 15 grams of carbs at a time trying to recover from a low.

Usually it's 15 BAGS of carbohydrates.

And so it goes, day in and day out.

k2 said...

I hear you brother! You actually feel like your blood sugar will never go up! Of course a few hours later, your trying to make it go back down.

It's a friggin balancing act!
Oh well, such is life.
Kelly Kunik