Thursday, February 14, 2008

Calling all Midvale Alum

OK - favorite"Far Side" pic ever!

Reminds of me of this life of mine at times. While I'm an excellent dancer when the music is on, I'm a bit clumsy in real life...on occasion. Sometimes the blatantly obvious, is not so very for those of us who are Midvale alum.

For instance.....I've actually put my my pump battery in backwards and then wondered why "the damn thing wouldn't work!"

I've walked into, and almost through a screen door - with coffee in hand. No damage to the screen, but I ended up wearing my coffee.

I've put my test strip in the machine upside down and then wondered where the area was to place my drop of blood.

Once, in High School when I was deep in conversation with my 3 best buds, I actually walked smack into Stop sign because I was enthralled over my friends latest escapades, I looked at them instead of looking ahead. I don't know which hurt more, my head or my pride.

I used to give my insulin
shots through my clothes to save time - and to secretly impress my friends. Of course, only when I was wearing white or some other light color, would a drop of blood decide to appear. Ironically it never once happened when I was wearing black, purple, or blue.

We all know about pump tubing and doorknobs. It's a global issue, nuff said.

I won't even tell you how I broke my arm a few years ago. Let's just say it involved preventing
a cordless phone from falling down a flight of 16 steps - by blocking its descent at the top of the stairs,
I inadvertently caused myself to fall and ended up at the bottom.

We all push when we should pull at times, but we learn and move forward just the same.
It's very similar to dealing with our Diabetes. Just when we think we know it all about this disease, it throws us curve ball or two, forcing us to learn yet another set of rules regarding the Big D.
And we do, because we can....And because we must.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh dear! Did you really break your arm? Like, present tense? Not a story from your past?

I hope you're not too uncomfortable, and that everything heals up quickly for you.

The Far Side rocks.

Christine said...

Another far side fan here!

I've actually never had the door knob issue.

*knocks on wood hardly*

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly.

A STOP sign?? Ouch. I bet you could hear it snickering under its breath, too. The YIELD on my street trash talks me.

Traffic Control.....1

You would think that a card-carrying Midvale alum like me, so dependent on a little electronic box, might keep a fresh and ample supply of batteries on hand at all times. Nope. I pegged the needle on the old Stupidometer when I left myself high (literally) and dry just a few months ago.

Most people live and learn. I, however (like many Far Side characters,) just live. ;^)

k2 said...

Scott - I corrected my typo - I broke my arm years ago, I'm fine, though my writing is a bit sloppy. I'm left handed anyway so that's to be expected. Sorry to worry i!

Christine-Megan -
Glad u stopped by and am gladder to hear that you've never had doorknob issues!

Jeff -
I hear u about the batteries!
I actually carry a new one in my wallet now and I try to keep on in every handbag. I tag the little zip lock bags that my lancets come in,& put a new battery in it, and place it in a zippered compartment in my handbag or carry bag.
Of course being a Midvale ALum,I have forgotten to replace a battery in a handbag after I've used it!

I'm Living!
kelly k

k2 said...

CHristine Megan -
I know "gladder" is not a word, but it just fit!

Unknown said...

I live in total fear of doorknobs... and yet they still seem to know when to attack.

k2 said...

Marcus -

Doorknobs are a stealth and formidable opponent whose surprise attacks on the battlefield of Diabetes Management among pump users is both epic & legendary. My advice to you my friend is to be very aware as they appear as if out of nowhere at almost every twist & turn.

Coincidence or fact? U be the judge.
Kelly K

jules said...

oh i've definitely had one of those days today... and sunday and monday for that matter! haha i guess it's been one of those weeks! love your blog def going to keep reading!

k2 said...

Jules -
It's awesome to hear from yet another Midvale Alum! Thanks for stopping by.
I like your site as well and plan on visiting often.
It's amazing to hear about other peoples stories, and learn from them!

We Diabetics are pretty damn interesting, and very smart!


Cara said...

The clutz thing...I have it too. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why my new camera wouldn't work. I had put the batteries in backwards.
As for the broke bones...I fractured my arm running into the library. I tripped on the sidewalk and fell. The day before I turned 18. Not many people can say that! :)
I feel like I've found a clutz-soul mate! ;D
Have a great weekend.

Diane J Standiford said...

Oh wow, may I add YOUR site to my 100 List? I LOVE IT. Diane-

k2 said...

Cara -
Maybe we should rephrase the whole "klutz" thang.
We just move to a different beat from time to time!

Yeah, I've tripped into a few walls myself!

Christine said...

Gladder works for me!

Naomi said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog! We had a stressful diabetes day, but then I turned on the computer & read you blog and you totally made my day. YOU ROCK!

k2 said...

Diane -
I would be honored if you added my site to your blogroll - I will do the same for you!!

k2 said...

Naomi -

Sorry you had a bad Diabetes Day, but I'm happy to hear that my blog made u smile! ;)

"YOU ROCK" means the world to me.
Kelly K

k2 said...

Gladder u feel that way!

Penny Ratzlaff said...

Hee, hee. I used to have a T-shirt with that Far Side comic on it. It's my favorite Far Side too.

k2 said...

Penny -
Great Minds think alike!