Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Worlds Are Colliding...And I like It!!!!

So I went to an Insulin Pump Meeting last night over at Integrated Diabetes
in lovely Wynnewood, PA.

Gary Schiener runs the meeting and owns Integrated Diabetes, he's a great guy and we've worked together in the past. Gary knows everything about D and he makes me laugh. Since my sense of humor is somewhat developed - dare I say sophomoric, bordering on the absurd and teetering on what others would describe as toilet humor, but....I digress. He's funny in a ha-ha sort of way and he knows his diabetes S&*^

The room was humming with various types of insulin pump beeps and everybody was talking with one another, and checking our collective pumps without missing a beat in our various conversations. There was no Diabetes Food Police lurking about and we noshed on light snacks that included; fruit, cheese, and cookies that weren't dietetic -A very important fact to a group of people with the big D. It's all about the food in our diabetes world, and we like the real thing as far as cookies are concerned.

The topic for the evening was CGM's. Who makes them, what pumps they're compatible with, and what we can expect from them now and in the future. It was incredibly interesting and we all learned a thing or two.

Now, here's the part where my worlds collided. And by worlds I mean my on-line d-blogger world and my real life world.


She rocks! It was SO surreal to meet another D-blogger face to face.
We all read each others blogs and are inspired by each others words, experiences, and lessons - but when u actually get to meet, it's awesome. Hannah and I were down right giddy, "like little girls!"

Hannah brought along her Type 3 Matt, &' he's pretty cool as well. He knows his " Simpson's" and 'Family Guy" trivia. He's also interested in the latest and greatest diabetes findings and accoutrement and how it would benefit his lady. He's a keeper Hannah!

A diabetesalicious time was had by all!

last nights meeting got me thinking. I say lets coordinate and pick a date, time, and place where we d-bloggers can meet - A D Bogger Convention. It could be billed as both a meeting of the minds and faulty pancreases. Imagine the possibilities, imagine the food!


Anonymous said...

How cool, Kelly. You and Hannah just bumped into each other?

k2 said...

Jeff -
Funny you should ask. I got my invite via email and had rsvp'd on the day of the event.
As I was catching up on various d-blogs, I saw Hannah's post regarding the meeting. I was so excited and of course told her I was going.
This happened at around 5:30 and the meeting was at 7:30. When she walked in I said "HELLO HANNAH," And the rest was history!

Diane J Standiford said...

That is soo cool. I just love your blog; I'm going to highlight it tomorrow on my blog.

k2 said...

Diane -

Wow - you want to highlight Diabetesaliciousness! That's never been done b4. I'm really honored - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

It means so much to me that you like it and the fact that you want to highlight it makes me feel awesome!

I love a Stellerlife as well.
Your funny, smart, and to the point. I always learn something when I stop on over.
I will return the favor in the very near future.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Awesome! I really enjoy Hannah's stuff (and yours too!), and I bet it would be a blast to hang out for a while.

k2 said...

Scott -
Hannah's blog is awesome and so is she!
A d-blogger get together would be great - let's work on it.

Bernard said...

I'm so envious of you both.

If you're ever in the Boston area, give me fair warning and I'll drop down to see you.

I wish I had a chance to meet all of my blogging buddies in real life.

Windy said...

How fun!!! I'm kinda jealous! I miss my T1 friend, Andy, that I used to hang out with when I lived in Orlando. We've since moved and lost touch. Glad you had fun!!

k2 said...

Bernard -
U bet I'll give be giving you a ring if I'm ever in Bean Town - Be prepared to bolus!

k2 said...

Windy -
We did have fun!
Drop your t1 buddy a line and catch up!

Anonymous said...

Luv when magic like that happens.

Carey said...

Hi. Thanks for dropping by ye olde blog. Any friend of Crowded House is a friend of mine. I was also at the Mann show. It was magical. Take care. I'd also be up for a blogger get together.

k2 said...

HHJoy -
It was kismet on every level!

Carey -
Crowded House ROCKS and your right, it was pure magic!
Let's work on getting a blogger event on the calendar.

Unknown said...

Hey, even if we don't set up a huge meet-up, you and I live close enough to go get some dinner in Philly sometime and continue our ridiculous giggling. ;)

k2 said...

Hannah -
I'm all for the continuation of continuous giggling & the likes there of! Let's do it!