Monday, April 28, 2008

D BlogVIlle - YOU ROcK!!

Well, you guys
came to bat and put me to shame with DIABETES 36,or should I say DIABETES 56.

I am truly humbled.

cial "shout out" to Naomi for letting me mock her great brain a little! I was only joking sister - YOU ROcK!!

You all "RO
cK" for that matter.

I wasn't sure what today's post was going to be about until I wrote the senten
ce above.

I just want to say THANKS to everyone in D'blogville. I've been writing my blog sin
ce November. Never did I think that when I started "Diabetesaliciousness I would meet so many wonderfully talented;funny, smart, informative blokes and I am so grateful that you've all become part of my world.

I love the fa
ct that the folks in D'blogville are so supportive and funny.
I love that we all get one an other's issues regarding the Big D.
AND I love the fa
ct that together, we really are making a difference.

Growing up, Diabetes was dealt with in my family (obviously, 4 of us at our dinner table were type 1's) BUT, to the rest of the world it seemed like it was "Kunik" family problem.
ccasionally, I'd get to meet other t1's and for two weeks, three summers in a row, I got to attend Camp Fire Fly, a diabetic camp in Spring Mountain PA. For those two weeks, I felt completely normal. Then I'd go back to the real world and be the medical oddity known as "Kelly K". I wa sthe girl @ school who shot up insulin (through my clothes when I really wanted to impress) and made her friends laugh about diabetes in order to make them comfortable.

Today, Diabetics are not only loud and proud, we make things happen.
The Diabetes
community is making a difference in their OWN treatment and informing the public about OUR disease.

We are the ones who write the letters to any media outlet who spreads miss information to publi
c (i.e. lumping t1 and t2 together), we are the ones "raising our voices," and we are the ones to make changes. We battle insurance companies, movie theaters (Jeff), and idiots annoying comments like "You must have the 'betes" real bad to be on a pump!"

I'm so proud to be part of su
ch a strong community and find strength daily in your blogs, emails, articles, etc. I'm not only a better diabetic because of the D'Blogville, I'm a better PERSON because of being part of said community. I feel empowered by the folks of D'blogville and I hope I make u feel the same.

So THANKS guys, - You Ro


George said...

I agree 100% I love the D-Community. oh and BTW.


Carey said...

Shooting up through the clothes would impress the hell out of me. Thanks. Thou rocketh as well.

Shannon said...

You're cool. I'm happy you found us :D

Unknown said...

DBlogville. Love the phrase. I believe you do a fair amount of rockin' yourself! :)

Jillian said...

We're just as happy to have you! I feel the exact same way as you do about diabetes being one of those only in our family things. Because it was only me it was like a weird little thing that our family did, but no one else was in on it. It's great to have a place where diabetes is the rule not the exception.

k2 said...

G-Ninja -
Glad we see i to i. Thanks for the "Rockin" compliment my main Nanja man!

carey -
Glad your impressed!!
Telling me I rock with a Shakespearian twist, well...I 'm not sure what to say. Me thinks thow rocketh as well!


OK, being called "cool" is like totally awesome. I'm glad I found you all as well!

hannah -
Yeah - Dblogville has become one of my favorite phrases!
Let's "Rockin Roll" sister!

jillian -
I'm happy to be had!
In Dblogville, Diabetes is the NORM.
Dead ISlets of Langerhans unite, Form of a a roll of Smarties!

Anonymous said...

Você balança a irmã!

(Portuguese for, "You rock, sister!")

k2 said...

Jeff -

Você balança,irmão!

Portuguese for "You Rock, brother!


Anonymous said...

Love your attitude; you've a right to be proud of yourself and the D-Community. you go, girl! :)

k2 said...

JJ -
"Ohm I'm a going!!!!

Anonymous said...

you rock k!! i love the d oc and all the fun new acronyms i've learned that makes me feel special haha
keep it up! :)