Thursday, April 24, 2008

Diabetes 36 is now DIABETES 56, Boy, DO I FEEL STUPID

So I wondered how many words I could make out of Diabetes.
came up with 36 and used each in a Diabetes related sentence...kind of....

Let me know if I missed a word and give me a senten
ce to use it in. ;)

Note to Self. NEVER EVER

  1. I - am a Diabetic
  2. Is - that going to b e a problem for you?
  3. Id , my ego, and myself are dealing with it just fine thank-you
  4. Be - sure to know the difference between type 1 and type 2
  5. Sat - or sit, you still gotta take your blood sugar
  6. Sad ? Sometimes, but it is what it is and life goes on.
  7. Set, -as Infusion Set.
  8. Seat, - as in sometimes diabetes has me by the "seat of my pants!"
  9. Sit - right down and let me answer all your diabetes questions
  10. Bet.. your glad you don't have to take shots
  11. Bait, go ahead, take it
  12. Tis part of my life, this thing called type 1 Diabettes
  13. Tab, -something I used to drink
  14. Tad, yeah needles hurt a tad
  15. Said -my Endo very sternly
  16. Tie one on
  17. Bee Movie
  18. Bees like honey. Honey is loaded with carbs
  19. Bad ,as in The B.A.D. Blog
  20. Base, as in Ace of
  21. Abe Lincolin did not have Diabetes
  22. Abs - I'm working on them
  23. Bea makes yummy pies
  24. As - in Diabetes
  25. Ad - for a bogus diabetes cure
  26. Ted, take your blood sugar
  27. Seed, as in my infusion set has gone to seed
  28. Seeds...of change
  29. See, this is what you call Blood Sugar Nirvana
  30. Si, Senior
  31. Diet - always on one
  32. Dibs on the Smarties
  33. Dab the cotton swab on your belly
  34. Stab myself with my infusion set
  35. Beets - As in "I got the beets" or "You must have the beets real bad to be on a pump."
  36. Steed, as in the hero rides in on one, carrying Smarties for my lows
  37. Thanks to Allison who pointed out that I forgot "DEBT -- as in "I'll be in debt from all the juice I have to buy!" How the hell did I miss That one? Thanks Allison!!
  38. Beat - As in "this will not beat me!" Big Shout Out to Randee - for coming up with #38!
  39. "Date," as in July 27, 1982 (my Dx.) What's yours? Jeff. Jeff mine was either Halloween, or the day before, 10/30/ 1978, whih was my parents anniversary. Not really sure, beause everyone in the hospital was in Halloween costume's for like 2 days straight. That year, every single damn nurse decided to be clown. Talk about a nightmare diagnoses!
  40. Deb, as in debutante - Thanks Diane
  41. Bid -
    What's yours christine-megan has bid her islets good bye! thanx christine megan!
  42. Debate - Because according to Justine, she had to debate her insurancece co for coverage of supplies, i.e cgms! Thanks Justine, floored that I missed that one!
  43. Abide, As in I just have to abide by this frickin disease - Naomi
  44. Best, as in, "is this the best I can think of? - Naomi
  45. Ate my sugar - Naomi
  46. Aid, the sugar came to my aid - Naomi
  47. Abet as in aid and abet - Naomi
  48. Beast, as in beast of a disease - Naomi
  49. Diabetes Teases - Naomi - once again
  50. staid as in try to say staid - Naomi - Yes, very tired of writing her name now!
  51. Idea - as in a good idea - Thanks NAOMI
  52. Said - SHUT UP Naomi, said Kelly in shame!
  53. Bed, as in Naomi , really put this idea to bed!
  54. Bites, as in Kelly bites at word games, and was "bitch slapped by Naomi
  55. Dabs, as in "Naomi dabs in the dark arts in come up with so many words!
  56. Beads, as in beads of sweat are forming on Kelly's head due to the embarrassment of her Diabetes 36 now being the diabetes 56 thanks to Naomi and other highly intelligent Diabetesacliousness readers!


Allison said...

Debt - as in "I'll be in debt from all the juice I have to buy!"

k2 said...

Allison -
Or DEBT as in co-pay!
Thanks for pointing it out!
Teaches me to never make a word list/game under time restraints!

Anonymous said...

ahhh, diabetes made fun!

how about: beat - as in 'this will not beat me'!


k2 said...

Randee -
Right on!! Going to add it to the list A.S.A.P - THANKS

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly --

"Date," as in July 27, 1982 (my Dx.)

What's yours?

George said...

Thanks for the shout out!

What about "Bastid" like, "this disease is a Bastid!"

Okay so it's not a word but if you say it out loud, it totally makes sense!

Diane J Standiford said...

Shoot, I had debt. (Still do LOL)

Diane J Standiford said...

You can have Diabetes and till be a deb.


Christine said...

Bid- I bid my islets goodbye. Or bid- I bid on supplies on ebay when I ran out of strips.

Anonymous said...

how about "debate"? as in, I had to debate with my insurance provider for coverage of diabetes supplies (CGMS, anyone?)

Naomi said...

ABIDE, I just have to abide with this frikkin' disease,

BEST -- is that the best I can think of?

ATE my sugar to fix my low... and it came to my AID... AID and ABET.

BEAST of a disease. It will TEASE you. Try to stay STAID. That's a good IDEA.

Okay, Okay. I play a lot of scrabble.

Naomi said...

Said, bed, tide, bites, dabs, beads

I'll stop now.

k2 said...

DATE, as in October 30th or 31st (whateever, it was Halloween that year,) 1978

How the hell could I 4 get date?

George - I love your world bastid, and yeah, diabetes is a bastid!
Your welcome for the shout out, thanks for being your B.A.D. self!

Diane -
I am a deb in debt!

christine- megan -
Bid, as in biding for supplies on ebay, never, ever thought of that, but now I'm going to look into it!!!

Naomi -
You ROck! Boy do I feel stupid!!!
This is what happens when you make a word game post out of your "said" disease and immeadiately post without having a computer program to actually disect & check said list.

Note to self - have Naomi for a Scrabble partner AND send all future diabetes word game postings to Naomi to proofread!!

k2 said...

Justine -
Sorry,didn't mean to skip, I was just REALLY thrown for a bit of a loop with how smart everyone is and how many words I missed!
How could I miss DEBATE? We spend half our energy debating with our insurance companies & the other half dealing with our diabetes!!!!!