Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I LOVE.......

So I'm ba
ck to blogging full swing and I needed to figure out today's post. Yesterday I read Hannah's blog and thought, a list of LOVES, what a freaking wonderful ideal. List my LOVES, as in things, not people.

It's pretty basic
. You make a detailed list of your LOVES, but you must not include a single person. You can't list loving the way your niece saying your name, or the way your baby giggles makes you feel.

This list of LOVES is all about YOU, or in this

I LOVE the o
cean or any large body of water, like the Chesapeake. I love everything about the water. The smell, being on it and in it. I LOVE the way the ocean makes me feel calm.
I LOVE the sound of waves hitting the shore a lapping up against a boat. I feel at home in the water and at pea
ce. I LOVE sitting on my board above the water, waiting for a wave.
And I LOVE snorkeling below the waves and feeling like a fish. We are 3/4's salt water and I know the reason why - at least for me. It's part of who and what I am.

When I was little, I LOVED swimming in the o
cean, and then running up to the hot sand and laying down in it. I'd lie face down, deep in the hot sand and I'd let it warm my body. All my friends would do the same thing and we'd have serious talks about life, while the hot sand warmed us up. I still LOVE swimming in the ocean, but ensconcing ones self deep in hot sand has lost it's appeal as an adult, unfortunately. I still see kids do it today and I envy them.

chocolate - any and all kinds. I consider chocolate to be an actual food group and I indulge every day!

I LOVE the
color green, any and all shades, especially chartreuse. Green makes me happy, and in my mind green represents good health. On a selfish note, green brings out my eyes. Green is calming and energetic. Green is great.

I LOVE making homemade soups,dips, and sau
ces. I make a mean hummus, a fantastic tomato/calantro./jelapeno and lime soup, and really kick-ass salsa.

the smell of citrus. I love how citrus tastes 2!

I LOVE my Knee High, bla
ck, 3 inch spike heeled, leather boots.

I LOVE the rest of my shoes!

I LOVE reading a good book and always have. I love getting lost in the story and in the characters. When I was little, I loved eating apples while I read books, because that's what Jo in "Little Woman" did. Except she read her books in a Garret, and I read mine on the couch, at the kitchen table, in bed or on the front porch.

I LOVE to write and I'm good at it. However, I am a really terrible editor.

I LOVE musi
c. All types. I listen to Spanish and French music whose words I don't understand but whose sound makes me happy. I love the sound of a guitar, accoustic and electric and I love the sound of a Cello and violin. I can bang my head with the best or worst of the music genres. My repertoire is extensive. I love Beatles tunes, Crowded House, 80's tunes, Madonna, Edith Piaf, AcDc/ Def Leopard, Show Tunes, Johnny Cash, Bonnie Raitt, Dolly, Gwen Stafani, just to name a few. I LOVE that as far as music is concerned, I have no limits.

I LOVE spi
cy foods.

I LOVE fresh mint in my drinks and fresh
cilantro in my salsa.

I LOVE the smell of Lavender.

crushing fresh herbs between my fingers like mint, and lavender, cilantro, and basil, etc.

I LOVE gardening and consider myself somewhat gifted in that area. I love growing veggies and flowers and herbs. I LOVE that gardening gives me not only a wonderful sense of accomplishment, but a wonderful peace of mind.

I LOVE that I
can parallel park my car into almost any space in the city. I'm not the best driver in the world, but damn, I am excellent at backing into a space, no matter what side of the street it's on! My neighbors have actually knocked on my door, and asked me to back their cars into a parking space. I'M THAT GOOD.

cy The Elephant - She's been a constant friend since I was a very tiny little girl.

I LOVE laughing. Loud,
crazy, from the bottom of my gut laughs. I especially LOVE when I laugh so hard that I cease to make any noise and tears start to roll down my face.

I LOVE that I have the ability to make others laugh. It is one of the greatest gifts that God has given me. I am grateful that I possess this ability and never take it for granted.

I LOVE the feeling I get from making others laugh. It's such an adrenaline rush. I can't explain it, except to say , it's AMAZING.

I LOVE going to Plays, especially Musi
cals. I start to tear up when the overture starts. I don't know why, I just do.

I LOVE Peanut Butter,

cheese. If truth be told, I am addicted to cheese.

I LOVE tea time. Loose tea RO

ce cream. Anything made by Ben and Jerry's works for me!

I LOVE the fa
ct that I am a Laundry Technician.

I LOVE my Ma
c Book Pro.

I LOVE Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

I LOVE Manatees. I swam with them and it was one of the best experience
s in my life. It was totally unexpected and organic. I was snorkeling in Key Largo and literally bumped right into to a Manatee Mama and baby....It was truly magical. They are lovable & wise creatures who have no enemy in the world, except for humans. They also have fingers under their fins and one actually held my hand. I think I violated like 10 federal laws, unknowingly of course. It was SO worth it!

I LOVE monkeys.

I LOVE The Family Guy.

I LOVE Animal Planet.

I LOVE Pizza, a thin
crispy crust with loads of garlic does the trick for me.
Speaking of Garlic
, of LOVE the smell of garlic and olive oil sauteing . YUM.

I LOVE the
group "Crowded House ."

I LOVE going to the mo
vies with others.

I LOVE going to the movies by myself.

I LOVE dogs. Puppies make me laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I am huge pushover when it
comes to doggies.

I LOVE dan
cing in the rain. Some of the best memories I have involve dancing and twirling in the rain.

I LOVE hearing the rain on my rooftop when I go to sleep.


I LOVE sunsets, espe
cially if the sky is fiery orange. I love "Red Sky at Night," which means Sailor's delight.
I also LOVE "Red Sky at Dawn," whi
ch means gypsy storm coming on.

I LOVE Jimmy Buffet and The Clash.

I LOVE having

I LOVE my insulin pump.

I LOVE red wine.

I love my Vodka Mojito's, so do my friends.

I LOVE first kisses and being hugged tight.

I LOVE Spa days with my girlfriends.

I LOVE what blogging has done for me.

I LOVE me....And it's about time.


Donna said...

This was so nice. It's fun to read the things we all have in common. For example - I love peanut butter, too. I don't how I missed listing that on mine. And of course, I love doggies!

Thanks so much for making us laugh. I agree; God has given you a great gift. Thanks for sharing it with us.

k2 said...

Donna -
IT is so much fun to read what every one wrote! This really was a wonderful exercise.

I'm glad to hear that I make u laugh.
I never am really sure and all can do is hope, but it's so nice to hear. Thank-You.

Seems like we all have more in common than our diagnoses. Pretty cool if ua ske me!

Randee said...

Great post ... good to focus on the happiness and good things in life.
Weirdly, I also love my insulin pump (in a weird way)& was wondering if it would make your list until I got near the end .... I can't imagine not having it.

Araby62 said...

Wow, you swam with manatees? Cool!

I love...your list!

k2 said...

Randee -
I HEART my insulin pump to & could not do without it! My list was random and in no particular order.
Glad u liked it!

Araby -
The Manatees were so wonderful and amazing! I was very lucky to have experienced them!
I love that u love my list, THANKS!
Looking forward to reading yours!

M said...

I LOVE that you have provided this outlet~Nothing better than honesty and humor. The two H's that count the most...You really do rock
As Arnold says...I'll b back. XO M

k2 said...

M -
Thanks for your kinds words! Honesty and humor are key to me. Then topping it off by saying I rock.. ROcKS!!!!

Diane J Standiford said...

I love that you love you. Perfection.

k2 said...

Diane -
Thanks! It took a while, but I really do see the good in me now, not just others!