Monday, April 21, 2008

I Got Issues - As in Absorption! OR Infusion Set Nirvana Just Did Not Happen!

So here's the thing - the past few days have been filled with "absorption issues."

You know, having to do with my cannula. Normally, I'm good for two or three days, sometimes more - But don 't tell my Endo. However, this past weekend, I've had to replace my infusion set 4 times! Ledges and doorknobs had nothing to do with it!

I won't even mention the fact that Minimed does not sell the infusion sets separate from the tubing, so yeah, I''ll be short a few infusion sets at the end of my current supplies.

Do pump companies not realize that we use more infusion sets than tubing?? Are they clueless or just greedy?

I don't mean to complain, and it certainly could be worse....BUT it's just such a pain in the arse - Or in this case the stomach & thigh. I need to bitch to the masses and get some much needed validation.

Sometimes, we reach "infusion Set Nirvana." And I know you know what I'm talking about.
It's when we manage to stick the infusion set in a spot/angle that is perfect. Not only does the insertion not hurt, but we are barely aware that it's there and are numbers are perfect.
No redness or soreness in the said area, and we wish that we could keep that infusion set for life.

That was not the case this weekend. I worked & having to deal with absorption issues was just not on my top 10 list.
Maybe it wasn't the cannula, maybe it was really an insulin or a blood sugar thing. I don't really know. It might have been a Trifecta effect involving all three.

With diabetes, we just have to listen to what are body is telling us. Mine, as usual was making me guess. Today, all seems to be back to normal. Blood sugars are good, and hopefully my infusion set will remain intact for another 24 hours.

Of course the day is still young and all that could change. But for right now, my biggest issue is that my Apple Keyboard is on the fritz, but that's a story for another day.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back to normal today, Kelly.

And yeah, what are we all supposed to do with our infusion set deficits, anyhow? Maybe we can ask for rebate on returned tubing.

Not likely.

Donna said...

Kelly - When I first got my pump, I was changing my site every 2 days because of absorbtion issues. So I had my endo write a new prescription for Minimed for enough supplies to change it every two days. I don't have to do that as often anymore - I think it was just an adjustment phase. But you might think about having your doctor write your prescription that way. Minimed never asked questions; they just filled it the way he wrote it. It was such a relief to not worry so much about running out of supplies before my next shipment was due. Just a idea. Good luck!

Diane J Standiford said...

Priorities. My entire ;a[to[ id hping--nf and my fingers.

Christine said...

I believe they sell "combo packs" with 10 cannulas and 5 tubings. They do for Comforts at least.

k2 said...

Jeff -
Don't know if calling me "normal" is accurate, but my numbers are right whre they should I got that going for me!

Donna -
I think we all go through adjustment phases, new pump or not. It just was one of those days (several actually,) which required some fine tuning on my end!

Diane -
Amen 2 that sister! ;)~

christine-Megan -
Thanks for the heads up, I will check it out!