Thursday, May 22, 2008

I made a T1 Parent Smile - And She Made My Week!

Aerial footage of what the cherry (cherries) on the cake of my day actually look like.

So, a few days ago on a wet and very dreary Monday afternoon, I received an email from a mother of a T1 teen whose name was Melissa. Just to
clarify, the mom's name was Melissa, not the daughter. Anyway, I digress. Of course, there are many reasons why Melissa's email made my day. My ego and my id where definitely flattered, work had been crazy and I was feeling unappreciated, so yeah, the email was a great pick me up!
But the real reason Melissa's email made my day was simple. This mom of a t1 had stumbled upon Diabetesaliciousness and emailed me to said my blog had made her smile and made made her laugh. Know what? I live for those words!

No really, it's true. I love making people feel good about themselves, and I will stand on my head and speak & sing the whole "Grease" sound track if it will make you have a chuckle at the expense of the Big D. If Kelly K can make you or anyone laugh & learn about the big D, well then that is just the cherry on the cake of this diabetic Chick's day.

Maybe it's my redemption for all the crap that D and me...OK, stop for a second. I just have to say that every single time I write D and me, I think about the 1970's made for TV movie "Howard and Me" staring the late, great Jason Robards, who played Howard Hughes. H2 had escaped from the MGM Grand and took a cross country road trip with a dude who had picked H2 up hitchhiking. The had wacky adventures together and bonded BIG TIME.
Dude said H2 had promised him part of his fortune when he died. Dude never got the money, but did sell the movie rights for 50 grand. So...he had that going for him. OK, I'm getting way off track -forget it, I'm saving the zany adventures of D and me for my next post, which will be titled: "The Wacky Miss-adventures of D and Me." OR D and Me - Pancreas Interrupted...Life Rocks On."

Back to what I was saying b4 television trivia interrupted. I'm sure D and me put my parents through a lot of crap-o-la growing up. I tried so hard to be like everyone else,I'm sure
I was pretty damn infuriating at times.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I feel redemption when I make others bust a gut regarding D.

Every since I've become an active citizen of Dblogville (yeah - I'm paraphrasing Alexander de Tocqueville,) the parents of diabetic kids have introduced me to a different facet of the
Big D - The parent side. The parents of T1's have showed me the parents POV & their reality, and hopefully, I've showed the "rents" the PWD's POV view & reality. Together, we citizens of Dblogville have learned a lot. Honestly, I wasn't really sure how to write about the email I received without sounding completely self serving & full of sh*$, so I decided to just post it - after a meandering intro. If it sounds at all self serving, I'm sorry. Thanks, props, & big shout out to Melissa R, you made my week and YOU ROcK!

"Kelly - I came across your blog today while searching for yet another endocrinologist/nurse practioner for my daughter (who was also diagnosed at age 8)

I am sitting here at work laughing and will share your site with her as soon as I get home.
I don’t think she will get the Rosanna Rosannadana part but I know she will love the rest! Thanks for making the mom of a diabetic teenage girl smile this morning! - Melissa R"


Jillian said...

That's awesome! It's always great to get feedback from people who are outside of our little blog circle.

Scott K. Johnson said...


Anonymous said...

How cool is THAT!!

k2 said...

Jillian -
It was really great to get her email.
your right, hearing from someone who had no ideal Diabetesaliciousness even existed is oe thing, but making her smile and laugh - WOW.

Scott -

Jeff -
It was totally cOOL!!

Cara said...

Kelly, I'm so glad that made your day! You deserve it. You make lots of us laugh. And feel good about ourselves.
And I agree that the Diabetes OC has helped me get an insight on what my poor parents went though with me. It's a totally different side of this world we know so well.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend. :)

k2 said...

Thanks so much for your kinds words.
I'm glad I make you and others laugh and feel good about yourselves, u all do the same for me. I think as members of dblogville, we have no choice to be honest about our disease and our lives, but we must be able to see and write about the life lessons we learned because of d.

Glad to hear I wasn't the only t1 adult who was a hanful as a
t1 kid!

Naomi said...

I think it is so helpful for moms of T1 kids to read blogs of diabetics (other than their kids). We get mired in this disease in a totally different way than you guys, and sometimes our kids don't or can't communicate everything they are going through.

So we go online and we find honest, informative, painful, & humorous stories; wonderful personal narratives; words that help us get through every day with our own children. It's amazing how much another perspective can help.


Diane J Standiford said...

You always make ME smile, and yum.