Monday, May 12, 2008


So it's been a bit since my last post,and I'm sorry for that. Work's been hectic, I've been pressed for time, and I've been really tired as of late. It's at these times when life is most hectic and my energy is lacking, I wonder what my life would be like without diabetes.
Then I snap out of it and remind myself that feeling tired is not always a bad thing!
then I get on with my day.

So to play "ketchup" on a few topics.

A report came out about insulin pumps last week and how they might not be good for teens.
Here are my thoughts. Like seatbelts and sunscreen, insulin pumps work, when used properly.
They require that the user (and family members) have several meetings with a certified Diabetes Educator, and learn the ins and outs of using a pump. As a team, they must figure out the patients carb/insulin ration & figure out how the particular pump that they've chosen,works.
Pump users, like those diabetics who are sans pump, have to learn to count
carbs and factor in fats. taking bloodsugars daily (as in 8 to to 19 times a day,) is A MUST.

User error happens, regardless of whether you use an insulin pump or take shots. Diabetes is not an exact science - As those of us who deal live with it on a daily basis know.
Would I ever go back to injections? NO FUCKING WAY. To those scientists who did the said research, you should have taken the money used on the study AND DONATED TO THOSE WHO WHO ARE RESEARCHING FOR THE CURE.

MOTHERS DAY: My mom rocks and I love her very much and Mother's Day is every day in my book. I didn't spend the day with her on Sunday, and it was first mother's Day I'd ever missed in my life. I went to New York (with mom's urging & blessing) and watched my niece Cristin's closing performance in CROOKED ,the Off Broadway play that she was co-starring in. SHE WAS TRULY AMAZING And I'M SO PROUD OF HER.
To see her talent explode on the stage and watch others be moved to tears by her performance makes me so happy. To watch her live her dream and succeed makes my heart sing. My sister calls me her first baby, and that's what I call her daughter. My sister spent the day with our mother, and I spent the day with her daughter. I'm not a mom, but my niece is my baby for sure.
I also got to watch the play with one of my oldest and dearest friends Mark - who I've known since the 6th grade. He's watched Cristin grow up, he looked out for her when she first moved to New York, and it was wonderful to share that moment with him.
My mom and I will celebrate with or own get together next week. We will go out and have a great dinner and drink a glass or two red wine, and we will both consider ourselves lucky to have one another.

My Birthday is on Wednesday - more on that later because I'd just rather not think about that right now!


Karen said...

Your niece sounds very talented, and your Mom is so cool for giving you her blessing to go see Cristin's closing performance even though it was Mother's Day. I know you'll more than make up for it when you take her out next week.

Happy early birthday!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day. (And hurray for May birthdays! Mine's on Memorial Day.)

Shannon said...

Wow, Cristin is 'young and awesome'. That is so neat to be able to see your niece in an Off-Broadway play.

In the event you don't post on Wednesday, I'll wish you a Happy Birthday today ;)

Jeff said...

Hi Kelly.

How cool it must be to watch your own niece in an off broadway production. And how cool it must be to have a mom who'll take a rain date for Mother's Day. Enjoy the wine!

Wednesday is National Dance Like A Chicken Day. (Go ahead, Google it. You can't make this stuff up.)

Thank you for providing a MUCH better reason for a mid-week celebration. ;^)

Happy Birthday!!

Cara said...

Awesome. I'm jealous. I wish I lived closer to NY. And if she can get good reviews from critics, then she's on the right path. Maybe someday she'll win a Tony! :)

k2 said...

Karen -
Cristin is really talented, and is a great young woman, and my mother is a fantastic mom. I wasn't going to go to see the play beause is was Mother's Day, but my mom insisted.
She couldn't make the trip because of a torn miniscas, but she wanted me to.see her performance. I'm really lucky.

It was such an awesome thing to see!!She rocked and I was bursting with pride! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Jeff -
It was a pretty cool day anyway you look at it! National Dance Like A Chicken Day, get out! Thanks for the Birthday tidings!

She will win many awards, but no matter what, I am so proud of her & always will be!
I cried like a baby as I watched her and was bursting with pride. What a feeling!

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Cara said...

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I typically don't do these, but this one was kind of fun. :)