Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Day To Day Diabetesaliciousness Shortcuts of It All

Shortcut A'La Louise Brooks

So we all know that diabetes requires us to think on our feet and always be prepared, Boy Scout or not. Both are easier said then done at times, but are requirements just the same.

Here are are few shortcuts that help me in the day to day Diabetesaliciousness of it all.
Let me know what you think. And PLEASE folks of dBlogville, feel free to share your Shortcuts with Diabetesaliciousness as well.

1. I've placed spare batteries for my pump in every handbag/workbag/gym bag I own.
I also have a spare battery in my wallet and in my Blood Sugar Machine side pocket. Sounds like overkill? Maybe, but I can't tell many times my Energizers have crapped out on me after only a few days. Other times, 1 battery will last for months. It's like the Diabetes Gods are messing with my head in the form of a Triple A battery lifespan. Also during the summer, the heat literally eats my batteries and I need backup. FYI: I keep the batteries in those little plastic baggies that our lancets come in. They are the perfect size for batteries. They are also perfect for cocaine, at least according to "Law and Order, SVU". But, I digress.

2. When using said spare pump battery, replace ASAP.

3. I keep spare infusion sets in my car, at my mom's house, and in my best friends spare bathroom. Also, I make sure I have a spare IS in my hand, work, and or gym bag. That way I'm prepared for any and all doorknobs, no matter where they might be.
Am I the only person in dBlogville who's ever ripped out their infusion set by getting it caught on her cars emergency break? Yes, the spare Infusion Set came in handy that day!

FYI: Same rule applies for test strips. I always keep a spare in my work and gym bag.
I also have a vial with a few space lancets in my car console.

4. LaraBars make life easier, and certainly more delicious! Larabars are these incredibly tasty, (yet durable,) gluten free snack bars that are fantastic when it comes to treating low blood sugars. They are also great to bring on workouts. These delicious bars come in a variety of flavors; (my personal faves are Banana, Apple, Cinnamon Roll, and Chocolate Coconut,) and are the perfect blend of protein and carbs for active folks, Diabetic or not. LaraBars are high in fiber, big on taste, and will hold up in the heat. Holding up in the heat is a BIG in my book. Once, during a 7 mile walk, my sugar was going south and I pulled out my trusty chocolate covered granola bar. As soon as I open up the wrapper I knew I was in trouble. I ended up with chocolate all over my face, hands, and clothes. By the time I ate the granola bar, I was one chocolate mess, and not in the good way!

5. And yes, I keep spare LaraBars in my car,work & gym bags, just in case.

6. When I find sneakers that really fit well and feel good, I buy two pairs and rotate.

7. As a rule, I normally don't drink soda, diet or otherwise. BUT, I do keep an emergency can (actually, it's a six-pack) of ginger ale under my bed. When I get those emergency lows in the middle of the night, I just reach under the bed and grab a can. I only drink half and it does the job. Plus, soda cans are recyclable, juice boxes are not

8. Learn to make 2 or 3 really good tofu dishes. I know that all of us have had some terrible tofu experiences. The key to good tofu is to marinate, and to marinate well and for multiple hours -at least two. Tofu is a magical food and delicious when done right. It's low in carbs, high in protein, and takes on the taste of whatever your marinating it in. If you master a few dishes, you can eat all you want and reach Blood Sugar Nirvana. On an economical note, Tofu is cheap eats.

9. Whenever I go to the beach, I bring a mini cooler. In said cooler I place an Icepack, a Frio pack, my Blood sugar machine, a spare pump battery (i the B.S. machine side pocket) my lipstick/gloss (very important to keep your lipstick/gloss chilled in hot weather), and a frozen bottle of water or two. When I get my chair situated in the sand,
I take out a frozen bottle of water and let it start to melt. I drink cold ice water all day!
When it's time to go in the ocean, my pump goes in the cooler. I ask a friend to watch it and off I go to take on the waves. If I'm on the beach by myself, I take the pump and a Frio pack and place it in a small canvas bag not much bigger than the pump itself, and take it up to the Life Guard Stand. I explain to the LG about my non-water proof insulin pump and he or she places it on the stand while I take a dip in the Atlantic.

10. Keep a roll of Smarties in your car at all times, but most of you all ready know that!



Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow - I've not done the e-brake thing... Might be a first K2.

Jeff said...

Great advice, Kelly. The summer heat really does kill a lot of batteries down here in Florida. I've got them stashed all over the place. And I think I'll throw a spare set of works in my car for good measure, now that you mention it!

k2 said...

Scotty J -
I can't be the only one! Actually, now that I think about it,maybe I can. I have a very "unique" form of grace,lets leave it at that!

Jeff -
Glad u liked what I had to say.
As far as leaving batteries in the car, here's the problem I've run into. The heat of the sun in the car actually does a number on the life of a battery! Unless u keep them in a cooler which u can plug in the lighter, or keep them in a small cooler in the trunk. Good Luck! let me know how pump batteries in the car work for u!


Cara said...

Isn't it funny how we are always having to "be prepared"?? I have juice boxes in my purse, in my desk at work, and by my bed. I have spare infusion sets in my purse at all times (an I only work 2 minutes from home). I also carry extra glucose tabs, band-aids, lancets, and ketones strips in my purse. You never know when you're gonna need 'em.
Although I can't say I ever ripped my site out on an emergancy break, I did rip one out while trying on a pair of shoes once. :)

Donna said...

I learned the hard way with keeping extra batteries. (That was a scary day.) I now have those little batteries everywhere. You can never be too careful, right?

Oh, and the smarties are great, aren't they? They're small, easy to carry, and don't melt out in the summer heat. I love 'em!

Diane J Standiford said...

Tofu: Get best buy by date you can, open at home asap, pour out water--smell it, if it smells bad then it is bad, return it/repeat as necesary and TELL the dept. or store mgr., tofu has to be refrigerated. If the store does not comply, contact the tofu company. At home, put tofu in fresh water--daily--it may even last a week that way. Diane loves tofu!

k2 said...

Cara -
Diabetics are the Boy Scouts of the medical world! Riping out your infusion while trying on shoes? WOW, what u won't do for fashion!

Donna- I hear u about the scare factor of a dead battery day.
I just put a giant size box of Sweet Tarts in my car - I love Dollar Tree!
I like them better than Smarties!

Diane -
You are quite the Tofu officiando! Thanks for your helpful tofu tips! Send me some tasty recipes, PLEASE!