Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm Goofy....Who Knew?

I found this quiz while I was reading  My Slice Of Life
and thought, interesting, why not take it?

According to the test, I'm Goofy.

At first I thought, No I wanna B Ariel
or Snow White, (hello black hair and pale skin?!) possibly Peter Pan.


Then I read Goofy's profile, and you know what?
I'm OK with my alter ego being Goofy.

Goofy is good.

Actually, Goofy is AWESOME.

Goofy ROCKS.

You scored as a Goofy.
Your alter ego is Goofy!
You are fun & great to be around.
You are always willing to help others.
You arn't worried about embarrassing yourself,
you are one who is more willing to try new things.

Peter Pan 81%

Goofy 81%

Ariel 69%

Cinderella 69%

The Beast 63%

Donald Duck 56%

Sleeping Beauty 56%

Cruella De Ville 44%

Pinocchio 44%

Snow White 44%


Scott K. Johnson said...

Heck Kelly - I could have told you you were GOOFY a long time ago!

George said...

Goofy is perfect! I must do this and see what I am....

Maybe I shouldn't. this could be scary.

Cara said...

LOL! It suits you!

k2 said...

Scotty J -
Yes, I'm goofy, always have been. Now I got the test results to prove it.

Your right, Goofy is perfect. Do the test, I want to know who your Disney alter ego is. GO FOR IT.

Thanks! Glad it make u smile!