Friday, June 20, 2008

SHOUT OUT to Diabetes1

Here's the deal: A few months ago I received an email from Tatsiana Kulesh, a Sales and Marketing Associate with Tatsiana was interested in linking Diabetesalciousness to

As for me, I was interested in learning just what was all about.

In a nutshell, Diabetes1
is a community based website that features information on the Big D, both t1 and t2, and other related conditions that we all know about. D1 also has forums; blogs, tips on the everyday stuff, a clinic locator, etc. All, very cool. The more sites devoted to the Big D, the better!

Anyway, Tatsiana and I continued to speak via email and the celly for a few months. She asked me questions and I told her my thoughts on what might interest the folks of dBlogville, etc.

To make a long story longer, A few weeks ago, Tatsiana asked if she could interview me. Apparently, she liked my attitude. Hearing that always surprises me, regardless of the subject matter. Why? Because when I was younger, I got in trouble for my "Attitude." Actually, I still get into trouble for my attitude, but that's another post.

I was nervous, but took a deep breath and said "Yes." Here's the link to the site and the article.

Living With Type 1 Be In Charge and Own It.

Take some time to checkout Diabetes1 and learn something new. Also, feel free to crack a few jokes at my expense. Hey, as long as you learn some new info and laugh at least once, I'M ALL FOR IT.


meanderings said...

Great!! interview, Kelly!

k2 said...

Thanks so much Colleen! Glad u liked it!

Lora said...

Way to go! I don't know why you had to take a deep breath--you did an excellent job. I interview people all the time for my job in publishing, and I wish they were all as articulate and well-spoken as you. You're an excellent advocate!

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Kelly. You made a lot of really good points, and with about 30 years of D-related experience, you have plenty of authority on the subject.

YRS! (You Rock, Sister.)

k2 said...

Lora -
Thanks so much for the kind words.
Diabetes advocacy has really become my passion. I wanted to make sense when I spoke, hence the reason for the deep breath. That and the whole breathing and oxygenating part!

Jeff -
THANKS. After 30 years I've seen and learned a lot. I'm far from a Diabetes Know It All!
But, I continue to learn everyday through dBlogville and my Diabetes Educators!
YOU ROCK as well. But, that goes without saying!

Cara said...

I love the interview. It was great. Getting into blogging is a little slow, isn't it? But it's nice to have people leave you comments and to meet all these new people.
People who "get" it! Someday I'll have to come watch your comedy routine...

k2 said...

Cara -
Glad u loved the interview!
Getting into blogging does take sometime, but dBlogville is such a wonderful thing to be a citizen of, we are all lucky!
I'd love it if u came to a performance. Knowing I had a friendly face in the audience means a lot.