Friday, July 18, 2008

Blood Sugars, Insulin Pumps, & Needles - OH MY!

Blood Sugars, insulin pumps, and needles – Oh My!
Diabetes accouterments that keep us alive.

I deal, and you deal,
We all deal every day.
Still it doesn't mean that we want Diabetes to stay!

We prod and poke our fingers
Like getting blood from a calloused stone.

Wishing and hoping all the while that the Damn Diabetes would just leave us alone.

Just imagine a life without testing, injecting, and such.
Could such a life really become our reality?

Is it asking too much?

Never having to calculating carbs, before contemplating Ben and Jerry’s.
Or measuring out foods, right down to the cherry.

No celiac issues, or gluten free zones.
Never wishing diabetes would just leave us alone.

No CGM denials on a daily bases.

No dodging doorknobs and buying juice boxes by the cases,

And no never ending trails of used test strips, found in the oddest of places.

Never having to explain daily, our Achilles heel.
Answering peoples stupid diabetes questions,
And just...trying to deal.
“Are you allowed to eat that?”
“Have some orange juice instead.”
Go do a to test Kel,”

Not having to explain to a “Potential” all the facts.
That this Chicks bionic and wears her pancreas on a clip,
That’s more often than not, attached to her hip.
Sometimes it’s my waist,
Other times much more sexy....and strapped to my thigh.

Regardless of the lo-cal,
Those who can’t handle the D facts, really need not apply.

Never having to see to see the look in parents eyes,
Knowing that our disease is what makes them cry.

Walking Season starts soon,
Teams are bucking up for the cure.
Posting all about their efforts and knocking on doors.

Teams for Charlie, Riley, Brendon, Daniel, Crystal,
And more.

Teams turning miles into dollars,
And dollars into a cure.

Talk the Walk up BIG TIME, and help spread the word.
The JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes is coming,

And ALL efforts MUST be heard!!


George said...


Crystal said...

LOVE IT K2!!!!!

Well written. I was smilin' and noddin' to everything, all of it, each line, word, phrase, thought....

I bow once again to you, The Queen.

Thank you for the mention but I continue to applaud you more...for speaking up, raising your voice, here and at work, and out there in the world that does not understand or thinks it's simple or easy or don't do this or that and all will be fine.

You rock K2! ;-)

k2 said...

Ninja G -
Thanks, I tried. Wasn't sure how good or how bad it was. It's still a work in progress!
U Rock!

Crystal -
Stop bowing, you'll hurt your back.
Glad that you liked my prose & could relate. And thanks for being so supportive and for organizing a Walking team!

Scott K. Johnson said...


Anonymous said...

Great, Kelly. (And thanks, too!)