Monday, July 28, 2008

Where Do You Stash It???

Actual footage of Kelly's Insulin BDC and Nail Polish Bunker

So inquiring minds want to know (OK, I want to know), where do you store your insulin? Personally, (and for as long as I can remember,) I store my insulin in the Butter/Dairy compartment of my fridge - as did my father and sisters before me.

When I do my "Diabetes –Shtick, I ask this very question and almost everyone stores it in his or her butter/dairy area. Ironically, most aren’t really sure of the reason behind their proclivity towards the BDC Insulin Bunker. I actually came up with that myself!

Well Diabetesalcious readers, I want to know why. I mean is it because all of us secretly lust after butter & cheese? You know how some people only smoke when they drink? Well, I only eat butter when I drink!

After some semi serious thought, I've come to the conclusion that the butter/diary compartment (A.k.a - BDC Insulin Bunker) is a diabetic's version of a jewelry display case. Visually, it allows us to view the precious contents, while keeping a running tally of our insulin (and nail polish – it’s a chick thing) while protecting our precious bottles under its glass like shield.

A "Diabetesalicious " dome which defends the priceless (yet oh so delicate) insulin bottles against the Dark Arts of the fridge. Like last nights Thai take out, this evenings marinated portabellas, and tomorrows Pb & J.

Keeping said insulin bottles a safe distance away from suspicious condiments with exotic names like rice wine vinegar; anchovy paste, Heintz 57, and my absolute favorite, Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce.

"God I'm hungry!"

So darlings, where do you keep your i- stash, in a BDC Insulin Bunker, a drawer, a shelf?

ANd why?


Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

In a hot pink mini cooler, next to the butter tray (because our butter tray door is broken)--I figure if I have to grab it all in a hurry, it helps to stash it all in one container. The needles are boxed up on my closet floor because I'm outta room in the drawers.

I have ALWAYS kept my insulin in the butter compartment! I like the jewelry case analogy. I do prefer having it "on display" so I can see at a glance how my supplies are doing. Maybe it also tells you how much real butter I ever eat ;)

Shannon said...

The unused boxes are on a shelf on the door of our fridge with the condiments. Used ones are in the butter compartment because they won't get shoved around in there or lost between containers of leftovers or other food items.

George said...

I am a butter compartment storer guy.

The reason? Because like butter, I have insulin with everything I eat!

Crystal said...

I used to keep it in the "bunker" (dairy compartment) but once I got to my latest apartment the bunker was too small, I think that was the reason. hee hee. Now it is all in the pharmacy bag on the top shelf. Where I SEE it and know I have the darn stuff I NEED. ;-)

But yes, even as a kid, that is where it was stored. Behind a safe barrier, clear or not. Nice fridge btw!!! For me I think it was more of a "safety" thing, I knew where it was, safe from everything else, from everyone.

I do love the bunker and jewelry case phrases, analogies.

So tell me, what is with the nail polish in the fridge? Can't say I have ever done that let alone heard it was a good idea. ;-)

Lee Ann Thill said...

Funny... my blog is actually called thebuttercompartment :)

Lili said...

Mine is in the butter compartment, too, because I keep my fridge really cold.

Penny Ratzlaff said...

Our butter compartment "door" is broken, so Riley's insulin is stored in the door on the top shelf.

Scott S said...

Apidra cartridge boxes are too darn big ... my butter compartment no longer fits them! I've made room elsewhere in the Fridge door, but don't like the real estate Apidra cartridges require relative to Humalog and Novolog cartridges!

Val said...

Oh, man I feel like a total loser here - I keep mine in the clear "cold cut drawer" or as my kids call it the "cold cut and insulin drawer"...

Possibly because our butter compartment is already full with real/fake butter and cream cheese containers, also because things can't drop out of a drawer as easily.

BTW My word verification is "sqiud" - dyslexic invertebrates unite!

Lora said...

In the shelf space right next to the butter compartment. I have Lantus pens that are too tall to fit in the butter compartment, so I keep that box and the regular-size insulin boxes all together. I also store my spare Neufchatel in the same place. Insulin and fake cream cheese... I'm sure I could make an analogy if I really tried, but it's still early in the day.

By the way, I applaud you for keeping your polish in the fridge. I always read it's a good idea, but can't seem to give up the real estate...

k2 said...

Hot pink mini cooler, i like it!
Yes, I believe that keeping our insulin "on display," allows for a quick bottle count. Every once in a while I throw a few resivoir sets in the bunker for easy access!

Shannon -
EXACTLY! Good forbid my insulin bottles get shoved behind some yogurt that's well past it's expiration. I'll never venture to that area of the fridge!

George -
ME 2!

CP -
As long as your bottles R in arms reach, your good!
As far as the nail polish in the BDC bunker, if u store your polish in the fridge, it lasts longer and glides on much better! Maybe it's an East Coast thing!

Lee Ann -
WELCOME! I did not know that you had a blog called the Butter Compartment - great name by the way! Is it new?
I will be sure to check the Butter Compartment out! Welcome to dBlogville your going to meet some great folks and learn a lot!

lili -
Welcome! A cold fridge is a good fridge, especially in the summer.
I bet your ice tea is chillin!
I have no doubt that your BDC Bunker protects the insulin from any possible frost.

Penny -
I'm noticing a running theme with broken butter doors. I think we need to call the folks at Frigidaire and Pop Off!

Scott -
Damn Apidra! Don't they know what a busy guy u are? How dare they mess with your Butter Bunker real estate layout!
I'm going to give them a Don't worry, I got your back dude, I'M ALL OVER IT!


k2 said...

Val -
Your not a loser! Fridge real estate is the issue and I completely relate to your love of cheese, fake or otherwise! I understand and respect the power of cheese!

Lora -
I know that shelf well. In my previous fridge, I sometimes was forced to use that area for insulin when my cheese addiction got out of control.
In my current fridge, the BDC Bunker is reserved for insulin and nail polish. Every once in a while, when we get a heat wave and the outside is like a confectioners oven, I store a bottle of my lightest smelling perfume in there as well. I spray it on right b4 I go out and the chilled spray feels really nice. TMI

Crystal said...

Here's to the Easy Coast k2!!
LOVE the chilled perfume too.

Gotta see which nail polish is worth keeping and place them & the perfume in the fridge.

Now, where to put it...hmmmm.


Karen said...

I have all of my cartridges for pens in the Fruit Drawer. (We keep most of our fruit at room temp, and also if we put our fruit in there it gets forgotten and not eaten.) I'll probably keep them until they expire - even though I'm pumping now. All of my Apidra vials for the pump are on a condiment shelf. I have butter and margarine in the butter compartment, so that's a no-go. After the old cartridges expire, all my Apridra vials will get moved to the fruit drawer. :)

Anonymous said...

I keep mine in a plastic container so if evacuated (we have fires here in Reno that occassionally come to that)I can grab it all and toss in the ice chest--I save those ice packs from the mail order--they are great for the ice chest--no melting ice water ick. I also keep some syringes and such in there)

Anonymous said...

We have a smallish butter compartment, so the Land-O-Lakes got evicted and now fends for itself on the yogurt shelf.

Insulin ..... 1
Butter ..... 0

Scott K. Johnson said...

I keep my insulin (and symlin) in the butter compartment too! Right next to my nail polish! Wow - great minds DO think alike!!

Why? I think it is like what Shannon said - it's in its spot and won't get lost in the "refrigerator shuffle".

Anonymous said...

chilled perfume and nail polish?! ...who knew?? haha
At home, I keep my insulin on the top shelf of our fridge, it usually gets shoved towards the back. Can't say I ever thought to use the butter compartment to store it, but that's probably because it's occupied... by butter.
At school in my mini fridge, I just keep it on the bottom or on the middle shelf, towards the front, because some stuff has a tendency to freeze at the back.
Great post, Kelly! Love the interactive-ness. :)

k2 said...

CP - Glad I could share!

Karen -
The fruit drawer! Very innovative, Your quite the rebel ;)

Denise -
Great thinking ! Better safe than sorry! Stay safe.

Jeff - Looks like you showed the Land o Lakes whose boss!

Scotty J -
Great minds really do think alike!
Man - a - cures- I'm impressed!

Typeofl1fe -
Glad to share a few beauty tips with my dblog sisters!
Hey as long as u know where your insulin is, and u keep it chilled but frost free, your doing good in my book!

Be sure to have some nautella crapes for me while your in France!


Naomi said...

I close my eyes and throw the extra insulin into Daniel's room. The only way to find it? HE HAS TO CLEAN HIS ROOM! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

A mother's revenge.

What... you thought I was serious? It's really in the basement under a loose floor tile.

Okay, okay. The shelf next to the butter tray b/c the butter tray is too short. But that just seems so boring now.

Gail said...

I'm with Val, mines in the cold cut drawer. Kelly, I just love your blog!

k2 said...

Naomi -
You could never be boring!
Funny? YES
A terrific speller? Absolutely - How could I for get "The Diabetes 36 is now 56" Diabetesaliciousness post? You kicked my ass to the curb big time!
But boring? NO WAY!

WELCOME !!!!!!
I LOVE that you love my blog!
It really means so much to me.
As far as the cold cut drawer, I'll forgive you. Just promise to keep commenting here at Diabetesaliciousness & keep me on my toes!


Anonymous said...

Yep... right in the butter compartment. It has a door that keeps things from flying off the shelf every time the door is closed, and the insulin won't freeze in that area. The rest of my diabetes crapola (pump supplies, testing supplies, etc.) goes on a shelf in my closet, right next to the hats I'll never wear (baldness is beautiful, baby!)

theshinster said...

My fridge has a large section for eggs, but I rarely have it occupied. It so happens that my little carrying cases for insulin fit perfectly there. Unused boxes go on top of some small organizer thingie that's on an upper-level shelf inside the fridge... Long time I go, I used to put them in one of the bottom shelves, and you know what happens if you accidentally spill something inside the fridge! Insulin and Sangria don't mix well, oy!

k2 said...

Gary -
I figured that your were a Butter Bunker type of guy - now I have it in writing!

The Shinster -
Call me insane, but I thought Sangria went with EVERYTHING!


Anonymous said...

Old fridge - butter compartment. New fridge - no door on the compartment so they are on the top shelf of the door. It's got a pretty high guard on it so I am moderately confident the insulin won't come crashing out! :D

k2 said...

Sara -
Your making your"Insulin Compound" work for you, & that's all that matters! Thanks for stopping by ;)

Unknown said...

I just don't want spilled food all over my insulin boxes, so I keep 'em in the BDC bunker as well.

Also, we all tend to slam the fridge door around here, and I don't want anything sliding off the shelves on the door and breaking.

And additionally, the tubs of Smart Balance are too fat to fit in the BDC, so it seems like a logical place for the insulin. Insulin, cream cheese, and leftover garlic cloves. :)

Anonymous said...

In the fridge door next to the orange juice and milk containers.