Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alltop, As In All The Top Stories

In mid July Guy Kawasaki contacted to let me know that he had added Diabetesaliciousness to his one website: http://diabetes.alltop.com/
"Sweet! this is cool site," I thought! I’ll write about tomorrow after work.

Then life got in the way, via the cortisone shot from hell and the crazy roller coaster of blood sugars that followed. Days turned into weeks, others wrote about Diabetes Alltop, and I hadn’t.

Many a dblogger, (and Guy K himself) have described Diabetes Alltop as a virtual magazine rack, which is truly what it is.

My fellow dblogger’s had already explained all about Diabetes’s Alltop, you know, how it take feeds from 50 or so dblogs, highlight the 5 most recent posts from said blogs, thus allowing you to scan the subjects with your eyes over the various subject lines. If you see a subject line that tickles your fancy, slide the curser over the subject line for more on the story, and if that really does it for you, click and read all about it.

I decided to explore the rest of Alltop.com – as in “all the top stories,” (which is where the name comes form and is pretty nifty) and was transported to a sh*tload of popular subjects on the web. from ADHD to Yoga, and everything in between, listed in alphabetical order.

Surfing Alltop.com is interesting, informative, and dare I say,"It Rocks!" I’ve become quite partial to Alltop Speaking; Blogging, Health, Humor, Alltop Oddities, and Utterati Alltop.....So far.

Definitely add Diabetes Alltop to your list of favorites, and while you’re at it, take the time to peruse all of Alltop, you just might learn a thing or two about ahhhh…, PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING.

And you'll definitely be a hit at dinner parties!


Cara said...

I was so surprised to see my blog on there! Until Allison posted, I had no clue it was even there. :) I thought it was pretty cool that almost all of my "regular reads" in the blogging community were listed on alltop. :) Yours included.
Whoever the guy is, and however he picked the blogs, I'm glad I made the list. And you, and Kerri, and Donna, and Vivian, and Colleen.....and I could go on and on.

k2 said...

I was surprised when Guy emailed me as well. but, I was happy to!
It's a great site as a whole. Lots of info on everything, including diabetes.

Gail said...

Thanks for the link to this site, its great!

k2 said...

Gail -
It is a great site - glad I could help!