Sunday, November 9, 2008

D-Blog Day, Blogaversary, and Halle B

So today is D-Blog Day – and by sheer coincidence, it’s also the one-year of my blog Diabetesaliciousness, which I find really “ironical” and very strange.

The whole reason I started blogging was because I’d read the infamous Halle Barry Statement regarding diabetes while I was catching up with Perez Hilton's blog. After days of commenting, along with hundreds of others on Perez’s post - 655 comments to be exact,
I became so angry. I Googled to find out who Halle's Publicist was, and called said Publicist's L.A. and NYC offices. After several rounds of voicemail tag, she & I spoke.

She basically said,Halle was misquoted, the Actor’s Studio did a butcher job on the editing, and that Halle was upset, that I was upset – but never comments on her health publicly.”

After that phone call, I became so incensed, I decided to start my own blog.

When I wrote my first post, I had no ideal what I was getting into, or what I was actually doing. I relied solely blind faith and I’m so glad I did!

127 posts later, I’m still not actually sure what it is I’m doing. But, I Do KNOW what being a member of the Diabetes O.C. has given me. It’s given me friends; laughter, information and knowledge regarding my disease, a stronger voice and confidence regarding my proficiency as a t1, and a soapbox to stand on.

Thank-you dBlogville, for sharing all the good, the bad, and the diabetes of it all. I love each and everyone of you, and appreciate your words more that you could ever know.

And thank-you Meredith O'Sullivan (Halle Berry’s Publicist) for doing your job and refusing to give me a straight answer – which of course, made me so nuts that I started to blog.

Thank you Halle for, well,.....YOU KNOW. Maybe someday you and I can actually talk about the whole thing because I'd really love to hear your side, instead of your Publicist's spin on things. I think we all would.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy D-Blog day! Glad you are a part of the party with us!

Caro said...

Happy D-Blog Day and Happy Blogaversary too! I'm very glad that you started to blog, as you've made me smile on more than one occasion :-)

Looking forward to the next year!

Jillian said...

Double Happy's to you! I'm glad you're here with us, so thanks to Halle, I guess.

k2 said...

Scotty J-
Party-On my friend!

Caro -
I'm really happy to hear that I've made you smile - It means more to me than you know!

Jillian -
THXS! I guess everything really does happen for a reason ;)

Lora said...

Happy D-Blog Day! And Happy Anniversary! And Happy Life! And Happy, Happy, Happy whatever else you want to be happy about. Glad you're out there!

Naomi said...

I'm so glad you are blogging! Your frank, funny words snap me out of the doldrums every time. Happy D-Blog day and Blogaversary to you!

meanderings said...

It's only been a year??!
You make me smile, so thank you!

k2 said...

Happy Everything to you as well!
Glad your out there 2!

naomi -
Thank you for your wonderful words.
It means so much to me that I can snap you out of your funk when you need!

You make me smile & "THANKS" right back at ya!

Kerri. said...

Happy D-Blog day, and happy blogaversary, too!

Anonymous said...

I started blogging because I am a big-mouthed know it all.

Sandra Miller said...

LOL! Great post!

Keep writing...

Happy D-Blog Day/Blogaversary!

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Ha ha! I know it wasn't funny then, but it's ironic now. Thanks to Halle for unleashing the Diabetesaliciousness on the world!

k2 said...

kerri -
Thanks and HAPPY D-BLOG DAY 2 u as well!

bd -
Whatever the reason - I'm glad you did!

Sandra -
I will keep writing, THANKS!
Glad you I made you LOL ;)

Kathy -
So much is "ironical" now.
Yep, It's all Halle & her Publicist's fault that Diabetesaliciousness has been let loose in the universe!

Crystal said...

Glad that Halle's mishap brought you to us. SO glad.
Love your posts and spin on life.
Laughter IS and always will be the best medicine, ever, for everything.

Thank you for you k2!

Cara said...

How cool to have your blogaversary on D-blog Day! :)
I'm glad you started posting, so I guess I'm glad Halle made that stupid comment (or didn't make it, whatever the case may be).
You have quickly become one of my favorite reads and I'm so glad you are here!

Chris said...

Happy D-Blog day. Thanks so much for being there and sharing your experiences. Its great to have people like yourself around.

Live long and live well.

k2 said...

THANKS. Life works is strange ways and & laughter is key - hopefully Diabetesaliciousness is living proof of that!

IT is pretty cool! Your one of my favorite reads as well ;)

Thanks for the kind words, they mean so much! Happy DB Day 2 u2!

Scott S said...

Happy D-Blog Day, to a very welcome part of the community!!

Anonymous said...

Happy D-blog day!

I was equally angry about Halle's comment but I don't remember hearing anything from her publicist. Let's say you don't 'comment about health issues', wouldn't you break that rule if you were so horribly misquoted?

George said...

You are awesome and I am soooooo happy that you are my friend.


Ashley said...

agh! when that happened, first it made my eyes roll....until i realized what kind of damage it had the potential of causing.

but hey, i'm glad it brought you to blogging!

happy d-blog day!

k2 said...

THANKS - and right back at ya man
& hope to see you very soon!

Sara -
I think we all were pretty angry when that statement came out.
It very well might have been bad editing, but Halle should have spoken on the subject herself, instead of her Publicist speak "SPIN" on it!

You are quite awesome yourself and I'm SO thankful that your my friend!

Anger is certainly a great motivator! I'm so glad to be in dBlogville!