Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

My Father John Kunik, Sr.

To all Veterans of all the wars,

Picture of my families shop, which was "Closed for the duration of the war,"
because my father and his brother Bill were overseas.


Unknown said...

You look a lot like your Dad! What great old photos. Thanks to all our Veterans.

Crystal said...

Wow k2. What great photos.
And yes, Thank You to All Veterans.

Cara said...

Amazing. Wonderful pictures that tell a story all on their own.
My father served in Vietnam, my brother spent time in Germany during the cold war (before the wall came down), and one of my very dearest friends spend 18 months in Iraq (and may be headed back in several months).
God bless you for posting these pictures. I love them.

k2 said...

Hannah -
People say I look like my dad when they see a pic of him. People also say I look like my mom when they see a picture of her! Combo I guess.
My dad was such a baby in that pic - couldn't have been more than 19 if that.

CP -
Glad u like the pics - I've been giving my scanner a workout as of late.

God bless you, your family members, and your friend who served in Iraq.
Glad u liked the pics!

meanderings said...

What a handsome dad!

k2 said...

Colleen -
Yes, my dad was handsome - people always used to tell him he looked like Gene Kelly. Which, is kind of weird because when I was little - I had a huge crush on Gene Kelly after watching "Singing in the Rain" for the first time.