Tuesday, November 11, 2008

World Diabetes Day - Celebrating with a Contest - Because I Bring a Bit of the Party with Me Where ever I go!

Unfortunately due to health issues with my mother (she’s going to have surgery very soon and I need to stay with her on Friday) I will be unable to attend WDD festivities in New York - WDD Young Voices or Temple U's event in Philadelphia.

BUT – I can still celebrate the day in my own
special way, and with your help.

In honor of World Diabetes Day I’ve decided to have a CONTEST.
Something positive; hopefully fun, most certainly diabetes centric, and totally Diabetesalicious!

MY challenge to you and your great brain is re
ally quite simple.

Write a sentence or two that describes your hopes for World Diabetes Day.

Diabetesaliciousness will award the winner a super fab and functional Silver WELLalarm Circle Health I.D charm & chain, plus a year of Platinum Service.

Special shout out goes to Stephanie Cion, founder of WELLalarm, who so graciously donated the prize – ‘THANKS!”

F.Y.I Stephanie has worked out a deal with her manufacturer and the Silver Circle Health Charm is now $120, plus a free year of service – VERY COOL.
"Way to negotiate for your consumers Steph!'

Here’s how contest goes down.

I’ll take everyone’s submissions (which you can leave in the comments section of this post - you can email me your name and address via my email in the Contact section of this blog) and through the most advanced & cutting edge scientific technology available (printing said “hopes”, cutting them up into individual pieces, putting them in my official DESA (Diabetes, Exercise, & Sports Association) baseball hat, and allow an independent third party (my mom) to pick the winner, whose named will be announced on November 14th, 2008 World Diabetes Day.

Submission deadline is midnight Thursday, November 13.

The Contest winner will be announced on November 14, 2008 World Diabetes Day.

For those of you who don’t win, you and all your friends (diabetic or not) can still receive $15 off your purchase of a WELLalarm until the end of November by writing “Diabetes” as your discount code – so Diabetesaliciousness winner or not – you still got that going for you!


Crystal said...

My Hopes for World Diabetes Day:

I Hope that the World is lit up in blue to remind us all why we get up every day. To remind us all why we need to come together and bring awareness of this ever-growing epidemic the World over. May our collective insight and thoughtfulness wash the World in blue with Hope, Awareness, Caring, Healing and Support.

(I really don't want or need or care if I win. I just Hope. I really just Hope that one day, one day in my lifetime I can wake up and know I made a difference. That I helped someone. That I was able to be there for someone, to listen, to support, to care.)

My best to your Mom.

Karen said...

Oh no. My thoughts are with you and your mom. I hope she's doing much, much better soon.

What a great idea for a contest. I'll have to put my thinking cap on for my hopes.

George said...

My hope is that this will be the very last one.

Jill said...

My hope for World Diabetes Day...

As a mother, the pain I've watched my daughter endure the last 4 months is one that I never want another parent to have to feel. My hope would be to educate as many parents, friends, relatives, even strangers as I possibly can about diabetes and encourage them to have themselves and their children routinely checked at well check visits...after all, it's just ONE finger stick and Kacey does that 8-12 times a day! I will be carrying the extra glucose machine that day and asking all of our friends and family to do a poke :)

My ultimate hope.... A CURE in Kaceys lifetime :)

~Hugs to you~ and I hope you're Mom will be doing better soon!

Lora said...

My hope is that I can someday meet fascinating, funny, insightful people without having to enter the Diabetic O.C. Everyone here is great, but wouldn't it be nice if we could have randomly met at a dessert buffet? And not have a conversation about carbs before we dug into the creme brulee? My hope is that my blog can become an ode to great poetry, good cupcakes and the status of my ever-irritating, evil washing machine.

For World Diabetes Day specifically, my hope is that I can accost as many people on the street as possible and explain why the buildings are lit up in blue. And that they'll get it.

kelly close said...

my hope is that awareness of pre-diabetes and diabetes will increase exponentially ...

Anonymous said...

My hope is that all people understand about the different types of diabetes, and the care and treatment of this disease, so that there are no more Hannah Montana bad episodes that we have to chase down, and the diabetes police has closed up!

k2 said...

CP -
Really heartfelt sentiments - and you absolutely do make a difference - trust me!

Karen -
Thanks. She is determined to be well and we are determined to get her well. Now, send me your "HOPES!"

G-ninja -
Amen 2 that brother!

Jill -
Fantastic hopes that we all hope will be a reality! I think making non-diabetics do a poke is a great ideal - it gives them a glimpse into what your daughter and others like her do daily. Thanks for the kinds words regarding my mom & hugs right back at ya!

Lora -
Damn funny and wonderful hopes - I especially like having a dblogville town hall in real time and over creme brulee & cupcakes from Magnolia as. Imagine the group carb discussion on that meal!

Kelly -
Wonderfully put - thanks so much for leaving a post on Diabetesaliciousness. I really appreciate your thoughts!

Landileigh -
YOU GO GIRL! Amen to all the folks knowing the difference between t1 and t2 and getting rid of all those nasty preconceived notions about both!

Bob Hawkinson said...

I hope that we don't have to have a World Diabetes Day next year....not that I don't like it...the day that is... not the diabetes....but I can't wait till the disease is over and done with...
and did I mention fuzzy bunnies....? Fuzzy bunnies are always good...lol Bob

Cara said...

It would be easy to say that I hope this year's World Diabetes Day would be the last. But that's the easy way out. After 23 years of living with diabetes, I tend to think this will always be with me.
So, what I hope for World Diabetes Day is HOPE. For those of us who sometimes lose hope, let that tiny flicker of hope buried deep inside us become a full blown fire of hope. Hope for health, hope for a future and hope for a CURE!

Cara said...

My hope for World Diabetes Day is that people will begin to acknowledge the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, instead of lumping us all together. I hope that more movement will be made by the community to have things happen, like the Hannah Montana episode being pulled. I hope we insist on accuracy in the portrayal of our disease.

Gail said...

My hopes for World Diabetes Day? Well, you know what? After dealing day to day with T1 diabetes for over 33 years, I can think back to the days after I was diagnosed, and I realize that many of my hopes at that time, which seemed very unrealistic at the time, have come true!! So I think that now, hoping for an end to this disease is not an unrealistic hope, and that is my hope!

Anonymous said...

My hope is to one day say I used to have diabetes...

Lea said...

My hope is for children with diabetes in developing countries to have the same level of education and the same access to first-rate care that Noah has. Geography shouldn't be the deciding factor between life and death.

kelly, hope your mom is ok, she'll be in my prayers Friday.

Chris said...

My hope is that someday I can say that I have improved the life of someone with Diabetes because of my words, actions and dedication to raising awareness of Diabetes.

Karen said...

I'm in a cynical mood today, so I'm having a hard time putting my finger on what I hope for. Everything I start to write sounds trite and jaded. So I'll simply say for World Diabetes Day, I hope to just have hope.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kelly for your commitment to World Diabetes Day. My hope is that our country and the world will become increasingly educated about both types of diabetes, not only to be aware of what to look for, but also to gain empathy for everyone who lives with this disease. I have heard countless stories from both children and adults who have been scrutinized, teased and humiliated because of ignorance about their disease. I am not a diabetic, but am always looking for more knowledge about the disease because my children are genetically exposed to the potential development of it.
My greatest hope is that there will be increasingly dilligent research into a cure, so that no one will ever have to live with this, nor watch a loved one suffer from it.
Here's to all the heros who are fighting the battle and here's to everyone who is committed to finding that illusive cure! It can be done! Heck, if this country finally was able to put aside color/prejudice and elect a visionary like Obama to lead us, surely we must be capable of making diabetes another word that we only read in a history book!
Love, Honey

Anonymous said...

Hey Kell. Thinking of you and yours on World Diabetes Day!
also---happy anniversary - what a great 1st year you've had Em

k2 said...

Bob -
The disease over and done with, and FUZZY BUNNY SLIPPERS! Sounds great to me!

Cara -
Both statements are fantastic and from the heart, BUT I love this part of your quote, "let that tiny flicker of hope buried deep inside us become a full blown fire of hope. Hope for health, hope for a future and hope for a CURE!" is a mantra for us all!!

Awesome and positive hope girlfriend! THANK YOU!

That would be pretty flipping awesome to say!

Lea -
Your right, geography SHOULD NOT be a deciding factor in Diabetes education - Well put! And thanks for the positive thoughts for my mom ;)

Chris -
I know for a fact that you've helped someone w/diabetes because of your words, nd I Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!

Karen -
Hope is the most important thing there is. Without it, we would have nothing!

Honey -
WOW - thank you so much for those inspiring words. For someone who is "sans the betes,"you have a wonderful understanding of the disease & it's struggles.
How great would it be to finally be able to say "Yes we did" to curing diabetes!


Unknown said...

I hope that others will be able to understand what it's like for people with diabetes, and I hope events like WDD can continue to change and enlighten people.

I hope that those of us with this terrible and cloying condition can find some time to see the humor and light once in a while.

I certainly hope for a cure in my lifetime, but I would settle for a closed loop system. It would make my days quite a bit simpler.