Saturday, December 6, 2008

What I'd really like to do 2 my Blood Sugar Log

I'm great at taking blood sugars, really I am. One might say I'm almost addicted to taking them. But when it comes to actually keeping blood sugar RECORDS - I'm not so good.

I try to record them for a few days, and then I get all frustrated and my Record Log gets tossed aside like yesterdays news - which is also what I want to do to my Blood Sugar machine when my readings are "High" for no apparent reason!

Anyway, I was watching the Family Guy the other night and the following scene played out. And for some strange reason all I could think about was doing the very same thing to my Blood Sugar Log - Call me crazy - who knows, maybe I was just running high and my Diabetic High Blood Sugar Biotch was in the house!


George said...

I love that clip! That is a take on the printer scene from Office Space and I actually did destroy a meter with my fist once. Oops. I used the online stuff to log cuz I am too lazy.

k2 said...

G- Ninja -
Oh I know what movie it's from, I love "Office Space!" You actually did this to your meter?

Scott K. Johnson said...

That's awesome! Ha!

Karen said...

Can we do that to DIABETES as a whole??? Pea loves Office Space and Family Guy. I should have him read your post, he'd get a kick out of it.

k2 said...

Scott -
Glad it made u laugh!

Karen -
Yes, I certainly think we could do that to diabetes as a whole!
Show the clip to your man - I'd love to make him laugh as well!

Anonymous said...

I hear you Kelly. It's easy to test, but for some reason it's impossible to keep a log going for me. The technology just isn't there to help diabetics keep track in an easy and automated way.

I'm checking out a few different ways to start tracking better.

Clip is hilarious!

Lora said...

Love Office Space, so loved the clip, naturally.

How's this for hating logging. I bought a cord to connect my meter to my computer about four months ago, and I haven't even taken it out of the package yet. I don't even know if it works, and it's too late to return it.

It just seems like such a pain...even when it's automated.