Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HFCS and a Side of Mercury Please.....& 3 is not necessarily a magic number!

Last week while I was in pre admission testing HELL with my mom for her upcoming surgery, my mailbox was filling up with emails regarding reports about the EVIL HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) containing Mercury. I watched as the headline dance across CNN’s screen at the surgeon’s office, which was about the same time I was checking my emails via cell and received a message from Scott on the very same subject!

The next morning, I received a note regarding the dreaded HFCS from Chris Coccaro, an intern with the ocean conservation group, Oceana, a group whose purpose is to protect the world’s ocean. Currently, they're working on a campaign about high mercury fish & seafood contamination, among other things.

Me being a Jersey Girl born and bred, a girl born two blocks from the beach and three blocks from the bay, and a woman who HATES HFCS, yeah – I was interested!

Chris said he found my HFCS posts “passionate,” which was just a really, really nice way of saying I go a little nuts on the subject, true. He sent me the following article from the Chicago Tribune.

OK, if my crazy rants about HFCS wasn't enough to convince you about he evils of HFCS, perhaps the fact that you might be ingesting mercury might just do the trick. Why nut just suck down the quicksilver in your thermometer - it be cheaper

I’m just posting about it now. Yeah – I know it was last week.

On a personal note, the past week has been coo-coo, but I've managed to join Twitter, which I'm still trying to learn. My "Twit" name is Diabetesalic in case your interested.

So it's been crazy and damn If I don't have the numbers to prove it. Not blood sugar numbers either, though they were a bit elevated yesterday. No, I’m talking about infusion sets! Yours truly has set a new personal record in that area. I’ve managed to rush around so damn much that I’ve ripped three infusion sets out…and its only Wednesday! Yes, you read right, three sets since Sunday! Some say 3 is a magic number. I think it’s just painful.

Cutting out of work a bit early to swim a few laps and get back into the exercise swing of things. Look for another post Friday.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Ouch! Holy infusion set hell batman! That's just crazy!

That's enough to convince you to try the "safety loop" thing they teach you in pump newbie school!

Crystal said...

Hey, your passion for the evils of HFCS is No excuse for ripping out infusion sets!
ha ha.
Lame joke, I know.

Best to your mom and you handling it.

k2 said...

Scott KJ -
I've done the safety loop de doop, it just comes undone - kind of like me!!

CP -
I think perhaps the 2 are directly related on some strange and screwy level! Surgery is scheduled for the 17th and I'm a wreck.

Crystal said...

Wreck or not, we are here for you.
Wishing you only the best.

Cara said...

Yikes! That's a lot of infusion sites! Bless your heart. I hope it slows down some for you.