Monday, February 16, 2009

SO...We Need Your Positive Thoughts & Prayers

Mom & I the summer before I was diagnosed

Me & my mom @ a fancy Pink/Red Hats Tea

Dblogville, I need your help. Actually, my family and I need your help, more specifically; we need your positive prayers & vibes. Tomorrow is the big day.
My mom is finally having her knee-replacement surgery tomorrow.
After months of being in severe pain, she has been cleared for surgery and will be operated on tomorrow.

My mom, former skater in The Ice Capades,(she was quite the Stilt Skater-seriously!) wife of a t1diabetic, mother of 6 (3 of whom are or were t1 diabetic) and Nanny to 11 (one grandson is t1 diabetic) & Great Nanny to 1.5 (.5 is due in March) is a strong, beautiful, wonderful woman and I love her more than words can adequately express. I want her out of pain and up and about, but I'm very scared about her having this surgery.

She’s extremely high risk due to heart issues and a family history riddled with strokes.
Failure is not an option and she will kick-ass in surgery!

But still..., please, if you wouldn’t mind, send us any positive thoughts & prayers you have to spare. And thanks a million in advance!


George said...

You've got it k2. I am on it.

Anonymous said...

Your Mom is Awesome!!! I pray your mother's strength and pray that God will take and guide the doc's hand...Your mom will be fine:) I'll also be praying for your strength, you have to be strong for her.

Be Blessed

Chris said...

Many prayers and positive thoughts for your mom and family. I am positive she will come out of it with flying colors.

k2 said...

Thanks - knowing that your "on it" really makes me feel better - seriously G.

Cherise -
Your positive thoughts are beautiful &and much appreciated. And thank-you for your prayer for streanth - your right & I need it!

Chris -
Thank you so much! I can't begin to express how much all the positive thoughts & prayers mean to me. I've been worried about this surgery for so long & I'm scared. Knowing that the DOC is here means so much!

MaJJ said...

You can count on my prayers for your mom and all of your family - I'm sure God will help you all get through this. Stay strong!

Unknown said...

Hugs and positive thoughts to you and yours! If your mom kicks half as much ass as you do, she'll come out just fine. ;)

Anonymous said...

Prayers & good vibes frm Australia on the way !

meanderings said...

Well of course! I'm glad you asked. She'll be in my prayers.

k2 said...

Thank you so much!!!

Hannah Gurrl-
She is the original Kick-Ass babe!
Thanks for your hugs & positive vibes!

Gaelyne -
WOW - Prayers & Good Vibes from "Down Under!" THANKS!

Lora said...

+++++++ many positive thoughts heading your way +++++++

Penny Ratzlaff said...

I just said a prayer for your mom. I will remember her in my prayers tonight. Let us know how everything goes.

k2 said...

Colleen -
I'm glad I asked 2! Thanks darling!

I'm feeling all those positive vibes - Keep em coming!

Pen -
Thank you so much for your prayers, they mean so much!!!

Crystal said...

Sending prayers and positive thoughts and vibes your way and your moms way!

May she come through the surgery well and recover soon.

May you get through the surgery sane in order to help her recover. ;-)

Best to you both, always!

k2 said...

Cal P -
Thanks a million !!!

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you and your family for a positive outcome.


Scott S said...

Wishing you and your Mom positive thoughts ... I'm sure all will turn out well, and you'll both be glad when all of the surgery is over!

Cara said...

Sending prayers.

Carey said...

Sending positive thoughts your way from the Potash clan.

Lee Ann Thill said...

I hope all goes well. I'm sending all my positive thoughts and good karma your way today.

Karen said...

I'm a day late because I was traveling yesterday - but my thoughts are with you! I'm hoping by now the surgery is done and everything is fine.

k2 said...

Betty -
THanks so much!

Scott -
She made it thru the surgery and is flying higher than the Space Shuttle!
Thanks for your support!!

Cara -
The prayers are working, THANKS!

Carey - The Potash Clan's positivity is working! - Say that 5x's fast! Thanks dude!

The positive thoughts & good karma seem to be working! THANKS!!

Karen -
Your not late at all - there's not time frame on good thoughts!!!!