Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Google Me This?"

Speaking of Google, according to the “Recent Key Word Activity” function on my Statcounter account, here are some of the popular phrases that brought you to me as of late. On a personal note, I’m going with 13 because I'm feeling lucky & a bit crazy naughty - Kind of like The Joker :)

1. Diabetes Biotch - Yep, that would be me.
2. Suck Stomach
3. Thank you letter for mom and dad
4. Diabetesaliciousness - Your already here
5. John Candy Speaks Swedish
6. “Kelly Kunik Diabetes” Good to know~
7. Tips on performance contract riders
8. Diabetic Humorist
9. Are you F*ing kidding me
10. Ladies and Gentlemen Circus
11. Bitches Don’t know about my diabetes
12. Chopping Broccoli
13. Children of the Corn Syrup


Lora said...

Hah! Love it.

k2 said...

Lora -
I'm glad !

Anonymous said...

That's awesome:)