Monday, February 23, 2009

Test Strip Bottle Art. OR "YES I'm Testing, I SWEAR!!!

Test Strip Bottle Art "Still Life Mixed Medium"

So about 9 months ago I decided to see how long it would take me to fill up a 33 ounce empty Seltzer bottle with test strip, Lancets, etc. Why?? I have no ideal – but a few reasons come to mind.

First, it was a great way to collect all my strips & lancets in one place. I was sick of finding them on the carpet, in the laundry, and other places that rarely see the light of day and shall remain nameless.

Secondly – It was mental (well obviously it was mental – who the hell does this?)
Perhaps its roots are deeply seeded in childhood. When I was little (and not the best diabetic) I always had to prove to my Doctors, my family, and myself that I was “a good diabetic.”

My Doctor at Children’s Hospital always said, “Kelly, the numbers don’t lie. You need to do better. You need to test more.” I always left my visits feeling sad and disappointed in myself. So now there’s proof in my Seltzer Bottle that yours truly is testing, and testing frequently.

Thirdly – I was curious. Just how long would it take me to fill said Bottle?? Roughly 9 months – less a few weeks to be exact.

As the bottle began to fill, I was reminded of various summer camp art projects from long ago – you know the ones, where you put colored sand in a Pepsi bottle and carefully carry it home to show your parents how truly talented & gifted their child is. Counselors referred to it ans Sand Bottle Art, my parents referred to it as crap, be spectacular and rainbow hued, it was still crap!

I began to refer to the rapidly filling Seltzer bottle as my “Test Strip Bottle Art,” though there’s nothing creative or artistic about it. Obsessive and longing for test strip validation is more like it.

This morning I read LeeAnn’s post "Trash or Trophies, which was not only wonderful – but literally spoke
to my Test Strip madness and my need for Test Strip validation. She copiously collects her strip in her B.S. machines side pocket and so did I!!!! And once again, thanks to the D.O.C. and Lee Ann in particular, I was no longer alone - GOD, I love dBlogville!

So I’m sharing my “Art” with you all and dedicating it to LeeAnn – who gave me the courage to share it! On a personal note: Am I a little “Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs??? Magic Eight Ball says “Yes, most likely.” But….aren’t all great artists???

Test Strip Bottle Art "Room for one more."


Lee Ann Thill said...

I cracked up at the "mental" part, not because I'm laughing at you - I'm totally laughing *with* you on that one! I think it's beautiful, and it does remind me of the colored sand art project I did in 2nd grade. What a fabulous comparison. Your bottle could be the inspiration I needed to start making test strip art instead of just saving the strips with the intention to make art. Awesome post, k2 :)

k2 said...

LeeAnn -
I'm so glad you get the "mental" part of the whole Test Strip thang!
As far as Art - mine probably won't sent any auction records, but it was great way to gather the strips in one place & get a chuckle out of my obsession.
I can't wait to see what you come up with!! Your a real artist and a damn cool chicka to boot!!!

George said...

I have a deal where I save all my test strips in the side pocket of my case (yay) and the infusion site covers (those little plastic rings) are on pens and thumbtacks and anywhere else I can save them. I have no clue why but I do. LOL Mental I guess.

k2 said...

G-Ninja -
We are all a bit "Mentally Moretic" when it comes to our diabetes rituals my friend! I have a few infusion sets in my Test Strip Art Bottle as well!

Jill said...

LOL too funny!

You should check out Kacey's test strip art.

I used to laugh because no one really understands the meaning behind those pictures unless they are diabetic or closely related to one. I've started a scrapbook with her pictures. For me, those pictures are every poke my baby had to endure, sometimes up to 10 times a day!

I think you're bottle art is fantastic! :D

k2 said...

Jill -
Kacey's art ROCKS!
I see her giving Picasso a run for his money in the very near future!
I don't know if my Test Strip Bottle Art is fantastic, but thanks for being kind. It's just away for me to laugh about my test strip obsession. Glad u liked it & so very glad that u shared Kacey's test strip art with us!

Cara said...

I keep my strips in the same spot in my meter case that Lee Ann keeps hers. :) I never throw them out. But if I don't put them in that little pocket, they get EVERYWHERE! So every time I change my infusion site, I empty the meter case. A little weird, but it seems to work for me.
I love the bottle art! :D

Jennifer said...

Thats too cool!!! I just might give my daughter a bottle so she can start doing this too!! Love it!

k2 said...

I agree the, the side pocket is a life saver!
And the whole changing infusion set & emptying out the pocket - it's a ritual - and we all have them - and they work for us.

Jennifer -
Glad u liked it! Give your daughter a bottle & let her start her own "Test Strip Bottle Art." IT keeps all those strips in one place and it allows for some laughs in the process ;)

Scott K. Johnson said...

That is awesome K2! So "right on time" with Lee Ann's post.