Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've Been "Lanced!" OR Kelly's Moretic Move # 5467

I am one of those individuals who need coffee in the morning; I'm also one of those people who are not naturally up at the crack of dawn. I set my alarm and get every up every morning at 6:40ish, but until I have that first cup, I’m not really coherent.

About a month ago, I had to get up at 5 am and to my credit, I was up at the first siren of my cell phone alarm. I shuffled to the kitchen and grabbed my test kit. I reached for new lancet (a rarity I know, but I guess the whole get a new lancet and fill up your damn Test Strip bottle art thing) got the better of me.

I tested, it was 66, my cheek (the one on my face people – mind out of the gutter please) itched so I scratched it, and then scratched it again. I packed up my kit, quickly fixed a small banana with peanut butter and washed it down with some Vanilla Sil
k Soy, made the coffee, and waited as the coffee slowly dripped from the machine. While I waited, I prepared my “Wicked, The Musical” coffee cup with 3 sugars and some half and half.

I poured the coffee, gulped ½ a cup down and walked in the bathroom to take a shower.

I flipped on the light, took my glasses off and looked in the mirror- then did a double take!

here’s why:

A few days after my Moretic Move # 5467

Yours truly had lanced herself with a brand spanking new lancet – and hadn’t even felt it!
I guess I still had the lancet in my hand when I scratched my cheek, and some how got “lanced” in the process. I knew there was reason I hated getting new lancets!

Anyway, I cleaned up the blood, took a shower, and covered my “war wound” with makeup. It’s been over a month and it’s healed quite nicely.
There’s an ever so faint red line that still runs across my chin and it’s easily covered with sunscreen and makeup. Hopefully it will be gone for good by summer.

So....what have we learned from this?

1. Perhaps I need to drink a few drops of coffee before I actually test – obviously I can’t be trusted with sharp instruments sans caffeine.
2. New lancets are so sharp that they don’t hurt – hence the reason we should change them often, but never really do.
3. Kelly is a Moretic – and has another scar to prove it!


George said...

I feel bad because I giggled a little at that. But wow, I guess there is a good reason to change lancets. I cannot remember the last time I changed mine.

Take care and please, have the coffee FIRST!!

k2 said...

Don't feel bad - it's totally funny & that's why I posted it! Glad I made you giggle :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Holy crap! I can't imagine what would happen if I did that with my OLD lancet!

Glad that you're alright, because I too giggled a bit! :-)

Karen said...

Shoot, you could have mopped up that blood with a test strip and not had to do a finger stick!! LOL I change my lancet every morning BEFORE I make the coffee - and now I'll think of you every day when I do it. :)

PS: My word verification is "grope". LOL

Cara said...

I'm a moretic, you're a moretic...we're all moretics. :)
I don't even get out of bed to test. I am such a NOT morning person that my alarm goes off, I roll over and grab my meter from beside my bed and test....then I get up. :)

k2 said...

Scott -
YAY, you chuckled & learned a lesson - change your lancet daily!
My wound was well worth it!

Karen -
That whole testing the wound thing did cross my mind about an hour and a half later after the second cup kicked in and I was driving on the expressway. Like u, I hate to waste an unexpected test site!
GROPE -"That's what she said!"

Crystal said...

Oh Kelly.
You poor thing....
I giggled too. As soon as I saw "my cheek itched" I knew just what you did.
I hate low moments where I "feel" nothing yet everything at the same time. Weird how what you would think would hurt, didn't.

And no doubt a good lesson to change the lancets more often. New lancets don't hurt but man do they Lance you so good your blood flows too much for the test strip!

And you and Karen have some explain' to do....ha ha. So kidding.
My verification word "sistr". It would have Rocked if it had been "sistA". ;-)

Glad all is better, you are ok, scars heal and remind but caffeine is a MUST!

Moretics Foreva!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should invest in a MultiClix lancet device. No exposed edges! :P

k2 said...

Cara -
Hmmm, maybe I should try testing like u, this Moretic might need 2 shake things up!

CalPumper -
I wasn't sure if I didn't feel anything because of the sharp lancet or the low - most likely it was the new lancet,lack of caffeine, with a dash of low blood sugar thrown in for good measure!
Be well Sista!

Sara -
I'm a rebel - and just use the lancet sans any device. But the Mulitclix does look interesting - I wouldn't mind a test drive.