Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Post is Up On The D. O.C. - It's All About Freckles - The One's On Your Fingertips!

New Post is up on the DOC.
It's all about freckles - the ones on your finger tips! You know, the one's you weren't born with! To check it out, click HERE!


Lora said...

For some reason, the DOC never lets me comment! So in case my comment didn't make it through over there, I'll repeat it here. Hand models are overrated. I'd rather see your smiling face! (And my stomach now has freckles, too...) Loved the poem.

Crystal said...

Great poem!! Thanks!

k2 said...

Glad you liked the Post!
Lora - your right, hand models are totally over rated and are high maint as well! The Freckles on your belly are beauty marks - don't forget it!

CP -
YOUR WELCOME! I'm so happy you liked it!