Thursday, April 9, 2009

Of Gorgeous Buggles and Broken Bellies

Gorgeous "buggles" curtesy of eipcscreensavers

A few months ago, my friend’s three-year old daughter wanted to know why I wore my insulin pump. I told her that “my belly was broken and the insulin pump gave me medicine that my belly needed to turn all the stuff in food into energy.” I kept it simple and she seemed to understand. She asked about the infusion set and the tubing and told me that she was happy to hear I had medicine for my belly.

Now, whenever I see her, she keeps a lookout for my boo-boo, and makes sure I'm OK.

A few days ago I went over there, and Cutie Pie (not her real name) and I had the following conversation.

Cutie Pie: Kel, you still got the boo-boo on your belly?

Me: Yep, right here.

Cutie Pie: So your belly's still broken? Awwww, does it hurt??

Me: Sometimes, but for the most part no. I’m just really happy it gives me the medicine I need.

Cutie Pie: Is your boo-boo starting to itch?...When it itches it means it’s getting better.”

Me: REALLY? No, it’s not itching yet.

Cutie Pie: Well, let me and Mommy know when it is, OK?

Me: OK, I will.

Cutie Pie: AND DON'T SCRATCH'll get infected. It’ll be OK Kel. Want to blow some buggles? Buggles will make your belly feel better.

Me: Would love to blow some buggles, thanks.

Cutie Pie: I’ll blow them, you pop them.

Me: OK, sounds like a plan.

Cutie Pie blew a bunch of bubbles, looked up at me and said: Aren’t the buggles gorgeous? Gorgeous buggles on a gorgeous day.

Me: They’re gorgeous and you’re more gorgeous!

Cutie Pie: Your so gorgeous! Love you Kel, lets blow more buggles.

Me: OK, I love you too.

So we blew more buggles...and the gorgeous day continued.


JaimieH said...

beautifully written ... through the eyes of babes =) they just have a way of putting everything into perspective! Stop to blow the buggles!

Her real name isn't cutie pie? ;-)

Crystal said...

What an image: innocence just blowing buggles with love and wanting to share it.
Thanks k2.

Cara said...

Aww! Kids are way too much fun! Just keep us updated when it starts to itch, okay? :) I wanna know about it. :)

k2 said...

Jamie H-
Thanks! Cutie Pie is quite the chicka! She and her siblings make me laugh weekly - I'm so lucky to have them!

Blowing buggles ROCKS

Cara-I will let you know when it starts to itch, PROMISE. Until then, feel free to blow some buggles, they are so gorgeous!


Scott K. Johnson said...

What a great story!

"DON'T SCRATCH IT!" Ha! that made me chuckle!

Anonymous said...

So sweet!

Jill said...

Awww :) Kids say the cutest things! Glad "buggles" make it all better...LOL I'm thinking I need to start blowing some of my own :) Maybe a new therapy ;) Thanks for making me smile!

k2 said...

Scottie J -

No Sugar Needed -
Dare I say, "It's sweet as sugar?!"

Jill -
Lets mix up a batch of Martini's and blow some buggles!