Friday, April 3, 2009

I Love The Dollar Tree, But This Is Ridiculous!!

SO, I was at the DollarTree buying gift bags & tissue paper for various friends (and my friends kids) birthday gifts. I have at least 10 birthdays in the next two months and I think gift bags are pretty (not to mention convenient) so I figured I'd stock up.
Hey, I love a good Dollar Store, and This Dollar Tree was the Size of a Target and had pretty much anything one could dream of for under a buck. We're in a recession after all and I'm all for a good deal.

I kept it simple, sticking to bright solid colors and pretty sparkly tissue paper, something for everyone so to speak.

Anyway, I took my array of brightly colored gift bags and sparkly tissue paper to the register and waited semi patiently in line. After placing my purchases on the counter,
I looked up and saw.......



Pregnancy tests at the Dollar Tree...REALLY??

Four packs of Big Red or Juicy Fruit for a dollar - YES, a complete bargain.

Glue?? Maybe if I'm in a pinch for glue, which never happens, so maybe not.
Lighters might be suspect so I don't really see myself lighting my charcoal briquettes with those.

BUT PREGNANCY TESTS? Come on People. I don't even need to explain!
BUT...It did make me laugh out loud and thought you might to so I took a pic!


Crystal said...

So I am imagining you standing in line, waiting, tapping your foot, looking at your watch and something catches your eye....
You look to your left and what, what the, that can't be, no way.
Then your brain thinks "Blog Post. Title. Need Picture."
So you snap a picture while waiting in line at the Dollar Tree.

Oh yeah Kelly, Definitely LOL!
And absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing!

k2 said...

Were you the chick behind me in line? Seriously, because that's pretty much how it went!

Lee Ann Thill said...

I'm not so sure I'd trust a dollar store pregnancy test. Dollar Tree does rock though :)

Cara said...

Wow. Would you even BEGIN to trust a pregnancy test found at a Dollar Tree???? I think not. That is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

Crystal said...

I wish I had been!!! Ha ha!
I guess just after reading your blog for awhile I am able to somehow accurately assume what you would do in certain situations?
We have some similarities in personality and Definitely in humor.
We get each other or something, would probably scare people if we hung out in front of them, lol.

George said...

I once saw Condoms and the 99 cent store and thought, "Nah, this is something you want to make sure you spend some money on."

You know what I mean?

k2 said...

My thoughts exactly!

Cara -
I know-Glad it made u laugh!

We would frighten the masses for sure!

I hear ya! When I first saw the tests at the register I though, "you'd probably need this after buying condoms at the Dollar Store!"

HVS said...

actually, if one is reduced to buying $1 pregnancy tests and cant afford the more expensive ones...I'd have serious doubts that they can afford the pregnancy+18 years of providing for a kid? JMHO.

k2 said...

type1emt -
Good point - but I still thought it was funny :)

Kassie said...

They're fairly reliable overall. Lots of women buy those for the "I can't wait to test but if I test too early I'll have wasted a test" moments. The real ones can add up when you've been trying for a few months.

k2 said...

Kassie -
I know that PT's are expensive and it's good to hear that the dollar store versions "are fairly reliable." My concern would be a potential false negative.

Anonymous said...

LOL - this was funny: it does say on the box NEW CHOICE so maybe that also explains why it's now available there :-D

k2 said...

Glad you Lol'd @ The Dollar Tree's NEW CHOICE!!!

Diane J Standiford said...

Too funny. And weird!!

Nikki said...

Actually these are really good tests, and read the same amount of HCG (pregnancy hormone) as a First Response. For us women who are trying to have kids we are pee on a test addicted and I swear do it every morning, so at $15 per test that gets expensive for anyone. These tests are soo good, it told me a week before my period was due that me and my hubby were expecting!