Friday, May 1, 2009

ipod Challenge Via My iTunes DJ

At the beginning of the week, Cara had a post called iPod Challenge & shared the 25 random tunes from her iPod in order for the DOC to get to know her better. COOL IDEAL CARA!
Since then, several others have shared and now I’m joining in.

My ipod is in the car and I'm to lazy to get it, but my mac’s iTunes DJ preference does the same thing and selected the following songs. Hope you like!

FYI: My musical tastes are varied to say the least~

1. Dirrty - Christina Aguilera: Love the “Dirrty” CD. When I first bought it, I made pretend I was buying it for my 18 yr old niece. Did not want to admit to being a fan. But then "BEAUTIFUL" hit the airwaves and I broke down & bought the CD. Now I’m happy to say I’m a BIG fan & don’t care who knows it. CA wrote all 17 songs on that CD btw
2. Holiday – Green Day: - Green Day='s AWESOMENESS
3. Rehab- Amy Winehouse: - She has an AMAZING voice. I sure hope she gets her act together
4. Stronger – Kanye West: Workout song extraordinaire!
5. Defying Gravity – The Wicked Soundtrack: First time I heard this song I cried like a baby. That’s how much it inspires me.
6. The Killers - Human: LOVE THEM
7. You Don’t know Me - Ray Charles.: Bought Ray’s Greatest Hits in college and am so glad I did.
8. Figure 8 – School House Rock: LOVE SHR and have all the tunes. My nephew sang this song to me when he was 4yrs old while we played with his Thomas the Train crack, I mean trains. That memory has kept me from committing "Bodily Harm" to him as a teen~
9. I Was Walking With Your Ghost – Teegan & Sarah: First heard this song on 88.5 wxpn & liked it enough to download it~
10. Not Ready To Make Nice – The Dixie Chicks: Felt the same way on several subjects/people
11. Fighter – Christina Aguilera :Was my theme song at one time.
12. Private Universe - Crowded House: BEAUTIFUL song, fantastic & totally under rated group who are OUTSTANDING live.
13. Mates Of State - The Re-Arranger: Big shout out to Carey Potash for introducing me to Mates of State! Thanks dude!
14. Wake Up Call - Maroon 5: Good band and vid
15. Tennessee Flat Top Box Roseanne Cash: Roseanne did a cover of her dads song & made it her own!
16. Extraordinary Machine Fiona Apple: Fantastic song, fantastic CD
17. 99 Problems Jay-Z/Lincoln Park: Have rocked out on the Eliptical to this tune many times.
18. Head Like A Hole-Nine Inch Nails: Have danced to this in more than one club, just ask my friend Mark !
19. Walk The Walk – Poe: If you don’t know who she is, by the HAUNTED Cd-and prepare to be impressed.
20. Big Spender - Miss Shirley Bassey: FYI, I sing out loud to this song & have stage moves for it as well!
21. Tricky -Run-DMC: Because "I'm tricky, tricky, TRICKY!'
22. Sparkling Diamonds - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack: GREAT MOVIE,GREAT SOUNDTRACK Baz Lerman is a GOD
23. Buffalo Stance – Neheh Cherry: Raw Like Sushi was and still is a great CD
24. PJ Harvey - Down By The Water: Dark song, but very cool.
25. Dream A Little Dream of Me – Momma Cass: SIMPLY WONDERFUL

And Three songs for good measure:
26. Wind Up- Gwen Stafani: Love it!
27. Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Madonna: Love Madonna, LOVED the Evita soundtrack. Am a HUGE fan of musicals.
28. Flight of The Bumble Bee -Bobby Mcferrin & Yo Yo Ma - they collaborated on a CD called HUSH - Download the whole cd - you'll be so happy you did!


Lee Ann Thill said...

Cool to see another list! I've enjoyed reading these.

Dancing to Head Like a Hole in clubs is how NIN popped up on my radar back in 1990.

Also, don't know how big a fan of PJ you are, but she's playing at the Troc on June 7th. I've been a fan since '92, but I've never seen her live, so I want to go, and don't have anyone to go with me. Let me know if you're interested in going :)

George said...

I love these. Poe! PJ Harvey! NIN! The Killers! SHR! So awesome!

Blind Melon does a version of "Three, its a magic number" and if you have not heard it you MUST get it! IT IS AWESOME!!

Crystal said...

Great list!

1: Love her, Love that song, Love that album.

4: Such a good song.

6: yup yup!

11: see #1

18: I saw them back in college, O. M. G. I loved them the first time I heard them, I love them now. I will love them Always.

21: LMAO! Oh memories of that era.

26: Great album.

Thanks for sharing!!

k2 said...

NIN's are amazing!
Will get back to you regarding PJ Harvey,as I'm still trying to figure out my June schedule. The Troc is a great place to see a show!

I am so freaking impressed that you know who POE is! HAUNTED came out the month my father passed. I heard the the title track on 88.5wxpn &drove right to the CD store& bought it. Like while I was still listening to it on the radio.
I know the Blind Melon "Magic Number" cover of which u speak, OUTSTANDING!

Another Christina fan - YES
Your truly are oee "TRICKY" Chicky!

Cara said...

Okay, I love the fact that you have some of the same stuff on your list that's on my mp3 player. Including Roseanne. :) I love her.
Also, if you had any idea of my obsession w/ musicals.... :)
Wicked is at the top of my list right now, along w/ Rent. In fact, Wicked is coming to Nashville in September and I am planning on being in front of the line to buy tickets when they go on sale in June. And I have tickets to see Rent in D.C. on my birthday (23 days from now!) w/ OBC members Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal. :P
I'm a dork.

Lora said...

Head Like A Hole! Tricky! PJ Harvey! Crowded House! All awesome, as well as several of the others. School House Rock: brother and I both bordering on obsessed (if I could skate, a figure eight). And I would most definitely like to see the Big Spender routine. Perhaps after those martinis?

k2 said...

First heard Roseanne way back when she first came out & thought, she's good! I totally understand your madness for musicals, as I suffer from the same thing!
Glad you liked my random pics - not surprised at all though- I think we are very similar!
SHR is SO addicting.
As far as the "Big Spender" routine,no martinis needed, BUT they would most definitely add to the experience!