Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not Sure If I Have "Whine Flu" OR Just Some Sort Of "Whine Funk."

Not sure if I have “Whine Flu,” or just some sort of “Whine Funk.”

I've had elevated blood sugars since Sunday (which was the day I had to force myself to swim because I felt like I was walking through JELLO, due to my high numbers); a scratchy sore throat, a general feeling of melancholy, and like most of us on the East Coast, I haven’t seen the sun in 8 freaking days.

Or maybe it’s the fact that my birthday is next week and I’m just not thrilled about its arrival.

Now to be fair, my high blood sugars may b
e a combo of the sore throat and skunky insulin.
I just tossed my bottle and reservoir thinking that perhaps that bottle had somehow lost its insulin spunkiness, which we all know is crucial for good numbers.

I’m now tackling that large pile of paperwork that has been screaming my name. I’m also writing a much needed post.

There’s a prediction of partial sunshine in the forecast for Saturday, but my inner voice says: Kel, don’t hold your breath on any of the above.

Enough already!!! Let’s look at the bright side folks.

My numbers are going down fast thanks to a new bottle of insulin juice.

I’m doing paperwork!

I’m writing a post!

There’s partial sunshine in the forecast for Saturday!

My mother’s health is much better.

Oprah scored us some free grilled chicken!!!

My blood Sugars are going down, along with my weight. I’ve lost 22 pounds in the past 3 years. 11 of those pounds since October.

I have some potential speaking engagements, which alw
ays rock my world and provide me with an overall feeling of happiness. Simply put, by giving, I get back more than I ever thought possible.

While I may be dreading my birthday, I am indeed living my life. I love and am loved.
I learn something new everyday, and find inspiration in many things, big and small.

And I still have hope, which at one point in my life I thought I had lost forever.

Sprigs of minty hope

Most recently my pot of Orange Mint filled me with hope. Up until 3 weeks ago looked like dead twigs and dirt. Now, it’s comeback to life with lush green sprigs that will eventually find it’s way and infuse it's minty goodness into my water bottle. Soon it will be used in cooking new delicious summer dishes, and manifesting itself into my famous Vodka Mojitos.

Now, I know Mint’s life cycle as I’ve been growing it (along with other yummies) for years. But I still get excited when I see the mint sprigs spring back to life (say that three times fast!) It still gives me hope!

Next week I will be getting a few birthday gifts, which I know are not important, it’s the thought that matters after all. But still, I’m a big baby and they will make me smile.

I especially look forward to spending time with family and friends because I love them very much. I’ll spread out those Birthday celebrations and savor those moments with the each individual I celebrate with.

I’m getting my eyebrows waxed this week. It’s the simple things folks, like having two distinct eyebrows instead of one, that make a huge difference in my over all feeling of well being.

And the last positive, YOU, wonderful citizens of dblogville. I love, learn and respect each of you in the D-O-C so very much.

You always understand, you never judge, always teach, and ALWAYS bring a smile (and an occasional tear) into my world everyday.

Thanks friends, I feel better already!


Cara said...

Aww! Don't worry. My birthday is in 3 weeks. And my 10 year reunion is the Saturday after. Making me feel really old (I know I'm not old, but I can't help it!). And, like you, it's been raining here for 2 weeks. And it's supposed to rain here until Sunday. Sigh.
But, there are positives. And you listed them quite well!
I'm going on vacation in 15 days. In 18 days, I'm meeting blogger friends in NY (are you coming????). I'm going to see RENT in D.C. on my birthday. I'm going to see another show in NY (still to be determined).
Sometimes it's all in how we look at things, isn't it?
I hope the sun shines for you soon!

Diane J Standiford said...

Whine Flu---I hope you get more comedy gigs. Never fear a birthday, the alternative is worse. hahahaha (Old jokes, all I got.)

meanderings said...

Mom's better health beats out all whining. I'm happy to hear she's doing better.
Remember, age is relative - and you're ALL younger than me!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy 23rd K2! w00t! :-)

May the sun shine brightly for you and your two distinctly separate eyebrows.

Crystal said...

Woo hoo on Mom's health!

Woo hoo for Hope (springs eternal).
And man if I was still in Philly, I would Love to try your Vodka Mojitos.

You're doing great k2, Great!

Here's to sunshine to help you grow, awesome birthday gifts and the memories that come with it.

Oh and Happy 23rd. Good age.

Lee Ann Thill said...

I wish you could bottle some of that ability to find the bright side because I would totally buy a case of that. It rubs off on me though, so that's a good thing, and one of the reasons I'm grateful to count you as my friend :)

k2 said...

Your sweet! Thanks for being so sunny~
I am certainly going to try & meet u in nyc-just trying to figure out logistics. like do I make it a day trip or an overnight and should I drive or take the train. It's a holiday weekend so figuring it all is takes work.

I love your jokes and just may have to borrow them! My gigs have gone from straight humor to a humor/dialogue between other diabetics & myself. It's pretty awesome!

Your right about mom's health,that alone should get me out of my funk!
You btw, look fabulous!

YOUR AWESOME!! My 2 distinct eyebrows & I think YOU ROCK!

Your awesome girlfriend! We will get down with some Vodka Mojitos in the future - with bells on!

Thanks so much friend! Seeing the glass half full is hard sometimes, but friends seem to make it much easier!

(((HUGS))) to you all!

Cherise said...

BRAVO! Beautiful post. Darn, I missed the free chicken give away.
I am soooo happy about your mom, prayer is good!
Congrats on shedding pounds and your speaking engagements. I can't wait to read about them.

Debbie said...

Hi Kelly,

I am the owner and head baker at Sweet Debbie's Organic Cupcakes. I'm so glad to hear that you love cupcakes because we make ours sugar-free with xylitol.

Love your blog!


Karen said...

I'm with you on the Whine Flu. But like you, I'm trying to find happiness in the little things. Must be something about May Birthdays getting us down. Hang in there, my friend, and feel better soon!

k2 said...

Glad u liked the post! I think u can still get the coupon, not sure as I'm not doing the chicken thing myself.
Yes, mom is feeling better and prayers ROCK.

Thanks for stopping by Diabetesalicousness- Glad to have your input & happy to hear you like it! Your website looks YUMMY. I'm working my way through all the sections! I'm impressed!

Thanks sister - you hang in there 2! Even wonderful May Chicks like ourselves can have some down moments!