Friday, May 8, 2009

Why Do You Do That???

So I was on my way out the other night when my tubing got caught - not on the doorknob, but on the other side on the actual door frame where the door catches.
It caught and pulled my pump backward, which caused said pump to loudly clanked it against the wall.

" OH MY GOD, Why do you do that?" my friend asked all annoyed and stuff.

Me: SERIOUSLY? WHY DID I DO THAT? I can't believe that you just said that! It's not like it feels great on this end. I don't care if you went to grad school, sometimes you ask stupid questions.

Friend: I mean why not just tape it up or tuck it in? Why not just look around and look at your spacial boundaries.

Me: Why don't you exercise more, or make good on your threat to cut back on the caffeine??

Here's a question, How much do you way and are you happy with the number on the scale?

Here's another thought, do you really want me to answer you honestly the next time you ask, was I over reacting Kel??

Friend: Ummm, none of your business and NO.

Me: EXACTLY. Look Trixie Mcghee, sometimes It's about time management, & other times I just don't think about it. To be quite honest, every other time I tape the tubing, it ends up kinking. It doesn't always work for me. So please, just mind your own business regarding my pump and "spacial issues," please.

And then when we went out, because good friends don't hold grudges.


commercial reviews said...

aw, that sounds painful.

I was born blind in one eye and have no depth perception, so I always bump into things, walk into walls, fall down stairs, etc.
Spacial surroundings are hard enough to navigate as are without having loops and tubes to get stuck on!
Maybe your flatmate needs a xanex pump

Bethany said...

Amen to all that!! especially the 'friends don't hold grudges part'!

George said...

Tape down tubing? Isn't it bad enough we have to have this thing attached to us?

I think you need to make her a Diabetic for a week and see how she does with a machine attached to her 24/7. That'll learn em.

You rock.


Crystal said...

So we must now add to the list of side effects: Spacial Issues?

Sometimes I wonder why I Want more friends to visit me....

And yeah, Good friends Don't hold grudges.

What a visual tho! The catch, the reaction, conversation, argument, points....

Well done k2. Well done.

(word verification: coststil --
what? first thought was Costco, second was Cost, third, Cost Stil, yes for goodness sakes, Yes, it Cost Stil this Dthang...)

k2 said...

Seems you handle what life has given u like a pro, I'm impressed! Can't always use the pump as an excuse for walking into walls and tripping down steps-happened to me before the pump as well as after!

A xanex pump is an AWESOME ideal - lets work on making that happen ;)

Cant hold grudges for a good friend.
Thank God she doesn't hold grudges- cause I can give as good as I get!

George -
I know, right?! You know I've offered to "connect" several of my good friends with infusion sets connected to my first generation ipod (talk about clunky) and all have declined.
BACON bac 2 U!

I'm the first one to admit that I have spacial issues- pump or not!
IT was an interesting dialogue - but good friends get it and leave the grudges behind~
NICE WV- IT always come back to being a dthang!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that you gave me a good laugh and let me add "you go girl" - awesome post!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

K2, this post cracked me up. I thought you were gonna haul off and just pimp slap her or something! Ha!

"Why do you do that?!" ... KAPOW!

k2 said...

No Sugar Needed-
Glad you laughed & I TOTALLY felt your "You go Girl" vibe-THANKS & right back at-cha!

Scottie J
ACTUALLY, that's how it REALLY happened- how'd you find out man?!