Monday, May 11, 2009

What the F^C& Do You Mean "I Look Good For Being A Diabetic?!"

As of late I’ve encountered new people in my life, which for the most part, is a pretty wonderful thing.

BUT, (and damn if there isn’t almost always a but) I’ve heard similar phrasing from several new folks and....the terminology pisses me off.

Almost ever time a new person (s) finds out about my and D, I inevitably hear the following phrase:

NO, REALLY? I mean you look good, ESPECIALLY for a being a diabetic.


Look, I’m no Super Model, I’ve never claimed to be and I’ve never been mistaken for one, not even it the person was REALLY inebriated. I’m not writing this post so you’ll ‘wax poetic about my looks,” I don’t care if you think I’m a 1 or a 10. I’m just really annoyed about the statement as a whole.

SERIOUSLY, what the F^ck do you mean I look good for being a diabetic?

How would you like it if I said:

Your pretty smart for being such a f-ing Dumb Ass?

Or what if I told you:

But you seem so normal....Who knew that you were a complete and utter IDIOT!?

How's about:

Your OK looking for someone whose butt ugly?

You have High Cholesterol? BUT you look SO normal….

DAMN, you have Colitis? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME? Had you not told me, I never would have guessed! No wonder you passed on the bean dip!

YOU’RE ALLERGIC TO TOMATOES? My God..., you look so healthy!

I mean who the hell carved in stone that diabetics (type 1 or 2) must be tragic 24X7?

Like most people,we strive to live good lives and occasionally have moments of fabulousness.

We D folk are an impressive bunch damn it!! We are a strong, tenacious group with imperfect pancreases and the likes there of.

We are people that pull ourselves up from by our bootstraps daily because we must.
Granted, some days (weeks) are harder than others, but we hang in there like it or not, Diabetes has made us tougher individuals as a whole

We educate ourselves and others regarding our diabetes because we own our disease - and thanks to the media’s constantly bombarding the airwaves with false diabetes imaging (did you see The Panic Room?) it’s up to use to clear up all inaccuracies regarding diabetes and diabetics

We have big hearts, love laughter, and we live our lives, just like everyone else.

Why be shocked if we clean up well on occasion and continue on life’s course every single day regardless how rocky the road gets sometimes?

We are the few, we are the proud, and we - every single one of us in dblogville and beyond, are the face of Diabetes.



Lee Ann Thill said...

That is one annoying "observation"! I'm always taken aback when I get that so I don't come up with a sharp, witty response until my dismay morphs into anger, and I've missed my chance. However, someday I'll think to ask, "How exactly should I look?" and watch them stammer to explain themselves before I tell them they must not know as much about diabetes as they think they do.

Wage Slave said...

Once I commented on a fellow's Medic-Alert bracelet, saying something like, "Oh look, we have matching bracelets! Why do you have one?" He said (in a terribly sombre voice), "I have DIABETES!!!" I said (in a cheerful voice), "Really? So do I! I've had it for (at the time) 25 years!" His reply was, "But.... But you look good!" I think my response to that was something like, "Uh, yeah. Why wouldn't I?"

Crystal said...

AMEN sista'!!!!!!!

Good response to use Lee Ann.

People are funny. For sure (yes, I am being cryptically nice....).

People are SO unaware of how they can affect others. Sad. So sad.

We (especially T1) are the few, the proud. Don't mess with us either. ;-)

HVS said...

People mean well, but all to often they equate diabetes with you, I've gotten comments like that.
I try to keep my temper,but it sure is hard sometimes. I guess they figure we're like cancer patients, and
are supposed to look horrible,glad for any compliment that comes our way. Which isn't the case at all.

Anonymous said...

I totally hate that too. I get it constantly. My grandmother was having surgery and we were in the consultation room when I pulled out my machine to check my BS. The doctor stopped talking and said "I'm so sorry that you have diabetes". WTF?! A doctor. Stupid is what stupid does.

Great Post!

Val said...

Annoying, yes. We need a "cheat sheet" of smart answers to moronic questions, so we aren't thinking of the comebacks ten minutes later.

Although I *did* once answer the "aren't you worried your kids will have diabetes" with "no - aren't you worried your kids will be a-holes?" Obviously, it was from someone I didn't like too much anyway.

Rachel said...

Well I just wanted to applaud your post!!! :) The comment that gets to me is when people find out that my son was diagnosed at 16 months and then they tell us "Oh you gave him too much candies didn't you"..... It takes a lot of restrain! :)

Great post

Unknown said...

I'm a new diabetic (March 09) so I haven't encountered this yet! Guess I'd better prepare my response now, huh?lol

George said...

I like to say things like, "Hopefully the next time you see me, I'll have no legs so you won't be so surprised."

That'll shut them up.

Cara said...

"I'd never have known if you hadn't told me." That's the most annoying thing I've ever heard. Apparently we are supposed to have it tattooed to our forehead.
I think diabetes makes us all beautiful!

Scott S said...

When was the last time you read a news story that mentioned diabetes without being followed by some statement related to obesity? The reality is that with the poor job of reporting that the media do on this subject, it's kind of amazing anyone doesn't respond this way. Much depends on what kind of mood I'm in when I hear these comments, and sometimes I just don't have the energy to go into a whole diatribe about this condition, but the reality is that I am amazed at the sad state of knowledge that actually exists about diabetes ... people with type 2 who start insulin and suddenly believe they now have type 1, widespread ignorance about the causes and treatments, etc. However, until we as people with diabetes wrestle control over how our condition is depicted by the mainstream media, we really can't be surprised by reactions like these. It's because we have allowed others to define how diabetes is depicted by the media, and until that changes, ignorance will continue to be the rule, not the exception!

Carey said...

Sorry, I can't get past the super model mistaken identity/drunk person part. Cracked me up.

Drunk guy: [Burp.] I'm so drunk! [Burp!] Oh, god, I'm gonna puke!. [Burp.] Hey, wait a ssssecond. [Burp.] I know you. [Burp.] Aren't you ...

You: A super model? Yes, my name is ...

Drunk guy: No, thassss not it. [barf!] Aren't you that diabetic?

I hear ya, K. That nonsense blows!

ninnifur said...

Great post! I always feel myself saying that about your posts though :)

I always try to come back with a snooty comback but EVERY SINGLE TIME someone says it to me, my mind blanks out and I end up saying something like 'ha ok? thanks.' I really would LOVE to use Georges response. HAHA if only I had enough balls to do it!

meanderings said...

I get similar comments far too frequently. As Lee Ann said, I don't come up with a good response until much later. I think I'll just start asking, "What do you think a diabetic person looks like?"

Scott K. Johnson said...

Boy - I'm right there with you. Except, I'm a big guy, so I think people are not as surprised. I find myself rushing to explain the whole T1/T2 thing so they don't jump to the conclusion that I'm a type 2 because of my size.

k2 said...

I think they expect us to look like aliens or Wilford Brimley, or some strange combo of both!
BTW-Great response!

You go girl! And btw - you look AWESOME!

Some times I'm nice,sometimes I write, sometimes I throw a bitch fit, and always I WRITE!

Type 1emt-
I hear ya! Diabetes is not a death sentence, it's a life sentence.

You've just reinforced the fact that even Dr's can make stupid statements!

LOVE,love,love your response!
I so what you on my team in a bar fight!

Honey- Kick those morons who make those moronic statemens regarding your parenting skills to the curb!
They are idiots and your doing a fantastic job! Glad you liked the post-It means a lot!

I got a million of them, as do the rest of us in Dblogville!

FANTASTICAL response dude! I love it so much I'm going to use it!

Your right - D makes us beautiful- and so much more! We ROCK!

Your right, the media never has a diabetes story with a positive spin!
The media, the movies makers,the wise-ass behind us at Walmart are continually perpetuating the diabetes stereotypes.
I don't always have the energy to respond to the idiots of the world, but damn if I won't right about it!

I'm glad that my delusional Super Model meanderings & Drunky McDrunk experiences crack you up! I'm actually VOGUe ING as I type! OH SNAP!
Glad u get where I'm coming from friend,& thanks for making me laugh!

I so happy to hear that you like my posts- it really means the world.
My advice to you is write down George's response down at least 100 times and practice it outloud until it's second nature.

k2 said...

I think you should - and then record their look of shock & awe as they struggle to respond!

Your are strong like bull! And you are wonderful!

Karen said...

"But you seem so normal....Who knew that you were a complete and utter IDIOT!?" Funniest line ever!! And then Ninja's comment??

You guys have me laughing coffee out my nose this morning.

k2 said...

YAY-We made coffee come out of your nose due to uncontrollable laughter!!!

Diane J Standiford said...

WTF indeed! People can be so...stupid. And PS--you look fantastic (unless you photo shopped your face--LOL)...for a person.