Thursday, June 11, 2009

Virtua T2 Meeting Was FANTASTIC AND Brett Michaels words are POISON

So Tuesday nights Virtua Hospital’s t2 meeting was incredible and positive on every level!

The audience was warm and inviting, and we created quite a diabetes dialogue !

We talked about all things diabetes related and how owning your diabetes and laughter can get you through it all

Including what made us laugh about Diabetes: Favorite snackies, type 3 faux pauxs, figuring out the whole diabetes world, and the lack of bagels in our diet.

We talked about what made us cry: Peoples insensitive remarks about our disease, how trying to be in control can bring us to tears,insurance nightmares, and the lack of bagels in our diet.

We discussed how small changes can make a huge difference in our lives if we just give them a try. Did you know that if you "gut"a bagel it cuts the carb count dramatically?

As a type 1, it was interesting to hear from the other side of the D coin, and visa versa.

I had a beautiful audience in every sense of the world and want to thank Bryony Crane, who leads the t2 Support Group at Virtua Hospital in Voorhees for asking me to speak.


And Now for a topic that's completely different & not at all pleasant:

Brett Michaels words are POISON. Literally, and figuratively.

I first read Brett’s ridiculous statement last night in the Huffington Post’s Entertainment Section. I was shocked and didn’t tweet the link, for fear of just 1 PWD who might want to try the “Brett Michael’s method of satisfaction." That thought scared the hell out of me!
But I did want to post about it.

I kept thinking of my nephew Brendan, who’s had t1 for over 16 yrs and just received his Doctorate in Literature from Berkeley on May 16th. Brendan & I grew up together; he was born 17 days after my 10th birthday – I know, what a wonderful gift!
I love him and his brothers as if they were my own.

Brendan is cute; has an awesome personality, can play the guitar and sing,can speak French and Latin and has a GREAT and AMAZING brain. He starts teaching Literature this summer at UCLA . Brendan forgets more things then I could EVER hope to remember.

Bren’s in control of his diabetes, and I know that he thought BM’s statements were stupid and dangerous. But what if Brendan wasn’t secure and knowledgeable regarding his diabetes or had just been diagnosed and had taken Brett Michaels statement as fact?

I think Brett Michaels is a schmuck, in every sense of the word.

Withholding insulin before sex is stupidest thing and can have deadly consequences.
WHy the hell did you put that thought out there?

Like all of us PWDs, I’ve had to stop mid groove and reach for the emergency can of ginger ale under the bed in order to “close the deal.”

I’ve had my tubing sets ripped out accidentally at the most in opportune & intimate of moments- and have laughed it off as it happened.

I’ve finished the deed & have been ½ way to sleep when the pump disconnect alarm goes off from across the room. I’ve had to get up and reconnect –annoyed with myself for being so careless regarding the reconnect. Not only was I putting myself in great danger, but I was also putting the person I was with in a potential dire situation – NOT SMART.

Yet even with Diabetes and with or without my insulin pump, I’ve still managed to shout YES - no problem!

There’s nothing sexy about DKA.
There’s nothing sexy about low blood sugar.
There’s nothing is sexy about having to call 911 on your partner in the middle of what’s supposed to be the closest moment two people can share.

Frankly, there’s absolutely nothing sexy about Brett Michaels.

I prefer a man who is smart, and thinks about how his words can affect others. Especially when that person has a reality show that is watched by millions who might actually think Brett know's what he's talking about.

I prefer a man whose in control of his life, and respects his diabetes, as well as my own.

I’m not a big fan of lawyers, but if one of my "people" gets hurt because of his idiotic statement, I hope they sue his ass!

Kerri @ SUM wrote a great post about Brett's idiocy today.
For those of you have yet to Checkout Kerri's Open Letter To Brett! It ROCKS-Brett Michaels however does not, in anyway,shape,or form~

6 comments: said...

Sex? What's that?

I used to attend some stroke survivor group meetings, and the best-attended meetings were always the ones about "Sex after a stroke."

You don't know sex until you're a sexagenaian like me.

At least that's what I tell people.

Crystal said...

Woo hoo on the meeting!!
Darn bagels. :(

Brett is a dumbass, plain and simple. I don't put ANY stock in ANY man whose focus is a woman's pleasure. Get a life Brett, ya douche.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Beautifully written, well said.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly, I've been eating gutted hoagie for years...umm and it doesn't take away from the tast...yummy.


ninnifur said...

i have a serious addction to bagels. :) I eat the same kind everytime and in your words have figured out a "bagel nirvana" for myself! Ill have to try the gutting things though!

Yea brett is stupid. I keep reading a lot of blogs about it, and the whole time just saying STUPID STUIPD STUPID!

I have been with a diabetic before and although when he was high couldn't get to the 'end' its not like he was all amazing in bed bc his bg was high! he was high for cripes sake! Noone feels good when high.

BRETT IS STUPID. He should seriously send out another statement :)

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

That blow to the head was after his comment, right?!? Geez, what a maroon...}:-P

And going without bagels is sometimes worse than going without sex, if ya ask me ;-)

Diane J Standiford said...

I can't stand the guy. Now I have a even better reason.