Monday, June 8, 2009

Calling All T2's- Talk To Me BABY!!!

So type 2 Diabetics – I want to know what your type 2 struggles are and how you choose to handle them.

Why? Because tomorrow evening, June 9th at 7 PM at the Barry Brown Health and Education Center (HEC) at Virtua Hospital in Voorhees, NJ,
I’ll be talking to a Type 2 Diabetes Support Group about humor and how it helps me to handle my many “D iss-ues.”

Topics covered include; but will not be limited to:

Diabetes Police & How to Handle Them: Who the hell elected them Sheriff of Diabetes Town anyway?

Diabetic Movie Misquotes: “Crying there’s no crying in Diabetes!”

Former Carb “Flames”& How They Done Me Wrong: “Damn you Fusilli Pasta- there’s nothing silly about what you do to my blood sugar!"

Achieving Blood Sugar Nirvana:

And Blood Sugar Testing For Wimps!: “But I don’t want to stick myself with an lancet – it hurts my little fingers!"

Seriously t2’s and T1's, I don't plan on preaching, because I hate when that happens to me. My goal is to get them to laugh and to generate a positive discussion amongst the group in the the process. Any words of wisdom or thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated!


tmana said...

Biggest problem with T2 is that there is SO much more variation than with T1. Because there are 4 or 5 different classes of oral medication, several different dietary approaches, confusion as to testing (is it even necessary? if so, when, and how often?), and different standards of care (PCP or Endo? CDE or not?) you are never going to get two T2s to agree on proper diet and care regimes. Getting everyone -- other T2s (who can sometimes be our worst diabetes enemies!) as well as the T3s in our lives -- to understand that "your insulin resistance is not the same as my impaired glucose tolerance" and "they didn't have the pills back when great-uncle Izzy was diagnosed" is probably the biggest issue. BTW, do they all speak "diabet-ese" or will you need to have a running translation?

Tony said...

yeah whatever tmana said, plus the fact that there is no true protocol for T2. It all seems to be up to a doctor's (who may or may not be up on current treatment protocol)"judgement call" My Doctor did not prescribe a meter for me, but yetr keeps asking me what I am testing at. Thank god for having friends who have meters and supplies out the ying yang. Plus lets not forget the masses who assume that all diabetics will "go into a coma" yet tryingto explain the difference, you get "so your not areal diabetic?" its horrible being a T2....

If not a mother... said...

What B said.

Need to find what works for each individual. One way may work great for one person, but not for another. I'm a strong believer in not giving up everything - if there's a sweet treat I enjoy, I allow it once in a great while.

Insulin is not failure. Medication is not failure.

I have another story to tell you, from one of my blog posts from way back. I think (?) I have your e-mail for that.

Crystal said...

T1 commentin' here. ;-)

Good luck, have fun, be funny, make 'em laugh and feel good about themselves.

Keep up the Great humor k2!

wv: Uh, if I had a CGMS I would have a "badensor" complaint. Oh wait, I need insurance, or do I? Oh, just money? Oh, a Lot? No go. Ok. Whatev, badensor.

k2 said...

I plan on talking about T3's-the Dpolice and being active participants in their good health.

ALL good points, THANKS!

WELCOME - I think you need a new Endo,1 who can write you an RX for a meter and work with your #'s!
Where do you run in SJ?

Love the point that 'Insulin does not=failure - and will use it. Also thanks for the link to your previous post - awesome!

Making them feel good about themselves is a major goal!
Not a "badensor!"

Unknown said...

So how did it go, Girl??

k2 said...

IT WAS AWESOME! I love talking to patient groups, but was a bit nervous because this group was almost ALL t2's. THere was 1 t1 besides me.
As a whole, the group responded great!