Monday, July 13, 2009

How Many Diabetics Does it Take To....

How many diabetics does it take (on a 24 X 7 basis btw,) to test blood sugars; count carbs, bolus/inject accordingly, exercise daily, continually educate her or himself and others (with out blowing a gasket or throwing a punch when they say something offensive,) check the occasional keytone, get themselves to their Endocrinologists appointment every 3 months, deal with insurance companies continually wanting to deny them care and or coverage, and not loose it entirely when his or her numbers get wacky for no reason at all?

Image: Pablo Picasso (Spanish,1882-1973), Girl Before a Mirror (1932).

The answer is ONE- take a look in the mirror and give that person with diabetes a big round of applause, because YOU ROCK!


Jaimieh said...

no U Rock!... throwing up the horns :-)

George said...

FYI - Doing this in front of a mirror in the Home Depot bathroom is not a good idea. JUST AN FYI!!

:) You Rock my friend.

Cherise said...

Brb....looking for the closest big hugs. You rock!

Karen said...

Mmmm, maybe I Rock, but you Rock More!!!

k2 said...

No, You ROCK!

I hoped you video taped your attempt!
You Rocketh as well my friend!

You rock fabulously !

We are proactive diabetics and rock the body rock big time!

Crystal said...

Cue Rocky music...
:::throwing hands high in the air:::
I can hear the crowd cheering. They are roaring....what is it they say?

Kelly Rocks! Kelly Rocks!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Simply ROCKtastic! :-)