Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It’s All About The Numbers…. As in 14,000 ! And No Diabetes Police Allowed!

Actual Aerial footage of Kelly K's (k2's) lunchtime Blood Sugar

Based on a suggestion made to TuDiabetes/EstuDiabetes Founder Manny Hernandez from TuDiabetes member & Diabetic Living Magazine's Kelly Rawlings-14,000 people with diabetes (10,000 from Tu Diabetes & and 4000 from EstuDiabetes) will take 5 seconds this afternoon at 4pm EST, and simultaneously take & post their individual blood sugars to raise awareness of the important role monitoring blood sugars plays in managing diabetes!

Hope your reading this insurance companies! Talk about strength in numbers! And not one single member of the dreaded Diabetes Police will be in attendance!


Here’s the link: 14k Strong TuDiabetes

Time Zone Breakdown:

* 1:00 pm PT
* 2:00 pm MT
* 3:00 pm CT
* 4:00 pm ET
* 8:00:00 pm GMT



cherise said...

Tell it!!! Woot! I'm excited!!! Great POST!!!

Lee Ann Thill said...

Nice reading you got there! Hope you get one just as good at 4 this afternoon :)

Crystal said...

Ready, aim, prick (ouch), wait 5 seconds, Result! ;-)

Nice lunchtime test. Actual aerial footage awesomeness.

See you at 4!

Unknown said...

I'll e at work, but even the bosses think this is coolio. Will check in at 1PM Pacific!!

Wendy said...

We're getting the fingers ready!!! She was 380 before lunch...sigh...but we'll be posting the truth, no matter what it is!!!!!!!

k2 said...


Yes it is- was on the fence about putting that pic on the post-after the dpolice mention-but that's what it was. Of course I ws much higher closer to 4pm thanks to a dead infusion set!

Actual aerial footage ws courtesy of my iphone!

Totally COOLIO!

One number at a time -as long as she's testing!!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I had a great time doing this - and it was SO cool to watch everyone's numbers pouring in!