Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Murphy's Law Gets All Tricked Out Diabetes Style~

Actual Aerial footage of Infusion set incident # 517

Diabetes & ripped infusion set: 1, Kelly & her white dress shirt: 0

Diabetes, I laugh in your face-HA,HA,TRIPLE DOG HA!!

Diabetes can drive you nuts on so many levels, fashion being the least important of course, but no less annoying.

I find in times like these,when Murphy's Law gets all "tricked out diabetes style," (because this never seems to happen when I'm wearing black,navy, or purple) it's best to laugh, and quickly reach for some cold water and soap.

Which is exactly what I did~


Kelly Rawlings said...

Same thing happened to me last week. I was in the office restroom dabbing ineffectually at the spot. A woman said, "What is it? I have a stain remover pen." She got a funny look on her face, dried her hands quickly, and fled when I replied, "Blood."

George said...

I rarely wear white anything but all of my undershirts are white and many of them have lovely little red marks on them. It was soooo much worse when I was on MDI.

I feel your pain.

Sara said...

At least you'll only have this problem until Labor Day! :)

tmana said...

White shirts are year-round. Hydrogen peroxide, applied to fresh blood, catalyzes and removes the blood... especially when the stain is small. You can pick up a 5-oz bottle and some q-tips to keep in your desk for that sort of occasion.

k2 said...

Kelly R-
Yes, the voodoo blood scares so many away! Diabetes happens folks - get used to it!

I believe you might just be setting a new fashion trend in mens'undershirts!
IF Calvin Klein has anything resembling Red Dotted white undershirts,SUE!

Women's Wear Daily says white is no longer banned after Labor Day, so...I'm pretty much screwed!
But thanks for being positive!

Thanks for the helpful hint! Today's mishap was cured by soap & water, but next time I'll try your suggestion!

Crystal said...

I've always been partial to polka dots. No, really. I have.


Then as a teenager, young woman and God only knows what category I am in now, I am Not partial to them anymore.

BUT, staying away from my stomach (right side went kaput months ago) as far as sites, helps, a Lot.

Stupid 'betus.

And tmana is right, hydrogen peroxide rocks.

wv: partined
I've long ago partined with my dotty white shirts thanks to age and more real estate away from my stomach for sites.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man, I've got so much blood all over stuff that I would either be REALLY easy for CSI to find, or I would confuse their socks off ("this dude bleeds EVERYWHERE!").