Monday, June 29, 2009

DBlogger Meet Up-Philly Style OR 9 Diabetics Walk into a Bar.....

So 9 Diabetics walk into a bar.......
From left to right: Faye, Kerri, Caitlin, Karen, Hannah (flashing the t1 Gang Sign) Manny, LeeAnn, Yours Truly (also flashing the t1 Gang Sign) and Zack

Thursday night there was a Diabetes Meet up, Philly style.

Kerri over at SUM
was in town for a conference regarding social media, pharmaceutical companies, and patient bloggers working together to help patients & their communities.

Kerri had mentioned on her blog that she was looking to for Philly Dfolk to meet up on Thursday night.

After a flurry of emails amoungst a group who had some names I both recognized & didn't, it was decided we’d meet up at Monks, a Belgian Beer Bar in the City.

Cut to Thursday, evening and me furiously trying to secure a parking spot near the bar. After finally finding a spot on Latimar Street, I was fanatically scrounging for quarters when I received a call from Kerri.

I picked up the receiver and said: I’m on my way, just scrounging for quarters to park!
Kerri: What? Is this Kelly?

Me: Yep! I’ll be right there, just trying to find quarters.
Kerri: The location been changed. Our party is too big; we’re going to The Black Sheep around the corner.

Me: Great-I’ll see you in a few!

I knew where The Sheep was and thankfully, it was literally two blocks up from where I’d parked.

I walked in the crowed bar and immediately spied LeeAnn from the Butter Compartment.
We hugged and she introduced me to her husband Jason, who I’d already felt like I’d known since I’d read so much about him over these many months.

We walked towards the back of the bar where I recognized Kerri.
We gave one another a hug and later I would find out that we both were eerily similar when it came to math, reading maps, and all things related to directional skills and the likes there of.
Kerri introduced me to Faye from Sugar Bump and her t3 counterpart Chris.
And then we were introduced to Zack and Karen, two t1’s who I’d conversed with over the groups emails.

And SURPRISE, SURPRISE-GUESS who was sitting at the end of the table? None other than Manny, A.K.A Mr. Tu Diabetes, who was also attending the same conference Kerri was.

We grabbed another table and the conversations started. We chatted away about all things diabetes and not. All of us commented on the fact that the bar was literally a sweat lodge, and all were saddened regarding Farrah’s passing, and shocked that Michael J had passed away earlier in the day. No wonder The Sheep was blasting Thriller!

We ordered our food, and LeeAnn and I made a bargain D style. I needed change for two dollars because I needed quarters for the meter. LeeAnn had forgotten her test strips in the rush to catch her train to the city.

LeeAnn: Do you have a One Touch meter? Because I’ll give you the quarters if you can give me some test strips- I forgot mine!

Me: YES, and you don’t have to give me the quarters-Lets just do an even exchange. After fumbling around at the bottom of my bag, I found my strips (whose code # was 17) and gave her 4, and told her the code.

LeeAnn: OMG, my meter is already calibrated for number 17!

Me: Then it’s kismet!

Then I cashed in my chips so to speak and felt relieved that my parking situation was under control.

My friend Emily walked in and was followed by Katelyn- a newly diagnosed t1 and Miss Hannah M from Dorkabetic!


It was a Diabetes frenzy of laughter and understanding. There’s nothing quite like being with a bunch of Diabetics- it’s an amazing experience to sit with a group who absolutely gets not only where your going, but where you’ve been.

We were a group of type 1’s-loud, proud, and all grown up!

Type 1 Diabetics are not just children. While it’s true that many of us at the table were diagnosed as a child, we’ve grown up to become adults, productive members of society and our communities. Some have married and had children; others are still looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. All of us struggle not just with our diabetes, but to be seen and heard by a society who continually lumps PWD’s into two groups.

Small children and over weight adults.

All people living with Diabetes (t1, t1.5, t2, etc) are so much more than that.

We are a tenacious group who work hard to live good lives.
We are articulate because we have to constantly dispel any all rumors associated with our disease.

We continually educate ourselves and others regarding Diabetes because we must.

And when we get together as a group, we laugh from our bellies and appreciate those who we are laughing with us, because they get “it” on every level.

A wonderful time was had by all!


George said...

So Flipping Cool! Kerri and Manny are so awesome huh? I would love to meet the rest of those d folk too. Someday my friend, someday!

Cara said...

Wishing I had been there. :) You guys look like you had fun!

Jaimieh said...

Awesome-ness!!!! Love the pic!

k2 said...

It was wonderful and someday my bacon loving friend, I will be writing about our dMeetup!

Wish u had been there 2 my friend!

It was Awesome!

Scott K. Johnson said...

So fricking cool. I would have LOVED to be a part of that party! :-)

Scott S said...

Sorry I missed it, but I'll catch you in Indianapolis!

Kerri. said...

It was so awesome to finally meet you, Kelly!! Thanks for feeding the meter to hang out with everyone. :)

k2 said...

It was "SO FRICKING COOL!' Except of course for the bar, which was SO FRICKING HOT!

It was AWESOME to meet you as well!
YES, I'm totally OCD about parking, but since 1 quarter in Philadelphia only gets you 3 minutes and the maximum time to park is only 2 hours, I SHOULD HAVE JUST PAID FOR THE PARKING GARAGE!

k2 said...

Scott S-
Your comment was in blogger limbo-Sorry! You were,but I'm looking forward to catching up with u @ Rochs!

Jessica C. said...

Hey, I was using 17's a couple of weeks ago with my one-touch too. Random. said...

Wow, so there are real people behind all those blogs?

Who woulda thunk it?

Interesting story.

Best wishes to you.

Cherise said...

Too Cool Jelly Beans! Awesome pic and I bet you all had a lot of fun. I would love to meet everyone one day

Karen said...

Ooohhh, it sounds like such a great time!! D-Meetups are THE BEST!!