Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dearest Pasta

Dearest Pasta:

It’s not that I don’t love you- of course I love you – we’ve had some great times together.

You and I have grew up together after all- we have a long history.

Who can forget the amazing Lasagna of my childhood, which will live in my heart forever?

And the Spaghetti & meatballs of my youth- simply delicious, AND surprisingly musical. You stirred my performing and comedic aspirations-I kid you not my friend!

As a precocious 4 year old, I ‘d break into song every time a bowl of S & M (Gimps, mind out of the gutter- I’m referring to Spaghetti & meatballs for god sakes) would appear in front of my place, I’d start to sing ”On Top of Old Smokey," because it would make my dad laugh. Ah, good times… good times….

Dearest Veggie Penne Pasta in a white wine sauce of my mid 20’s- you were the first dish that I could make on my own that people actually wanted seconds of!

As a culinary dish, you were the one who gave me confidence to hone my cooking skills. Thank you for inspiring me!

But honestly Dearest Pasta -we’ve grown apart and I’ve found that having you in my life, (not to mention on my plate) on a very limited bases works much better for me.

It’s NOT YOU–it’s ME. I’m the one who’s changed. YOUR great and I will miss you- especially whenever I hear the immortal words:

“On top of old Smokey, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball, when somebody sneezed.”

It’s just that my tastes buds now veer towards Spaghetti Squash covered in my fabulous Diablo Sauce with grilled salmon burgers sans the bun, and baked Chicken Parm sans the pasta.

Don’t take it personally-I just can’t seem to achieve “Blood Sugar Nirvana” where your concerned. I’ve found that whenever we get together and you’re the main dish, you make me physically tired and bloat like and my numbers are elevated for hours if not days.

You’ll still appear at meals- but only ON OCCASSION, as a side dish and in a low carb version.

Trust me, LESS IS MORE these days and people will be impressed with your new attitude.

From one “Hot Dish” to another,

Pasta La Vista Baby!

Kelly K


Crystal said...

Less is more. Sigh. I miss it too.
And now I am singing.

Scott S said...

Kelly, I'm really surprised you haven't discovered "Dreamfields" or "Fiberwise" pasta ... it makes the love affair with pasta soooooo much more manageable -- I speak from experience!!

Lora said...

Past should be nice to Kelly. And to Lora. And to Crystal. I have jars filled with pretty pasta and all it does is looks pretty. It's only used as a special treat in winter, and then sparingly. I hear ya, hot dish.

Karen said...

Poor pasta. Got the It's Not You, It's Me speech. :(

Surprisingly, I don't seem to have trouble with pasta. Oatmeal shoots me through the roof every time, no matter what I bolus. But I can do pasta and stay flat. It never ceases to amaze me how different diabetes can act from person to person.

Anonymous said...

I will add I love my pasta to this day still! I find if I eat a large bowl of fresh sald and veggies first I can eat more pasta. THough I still limit the pasta. OH and the wonderful combo bolos. I was brought up to eat slad last though times have changed and so have I!
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Khürt Williams said...

What about 1 serving (42g carb) of whole wheat pasta.

Christine said...

I don't think there's a more volatile food relationship that I have than my non-relationship (now) with pasta. No matter *how* I try to find a way, I just can't. It always results in readings higher than I've seen since diagnosis, and for hours and days after indulging. I grew up on pasta, but it's simply no longer worth the consequences. No amount of manipulating the bolus -- combo, extended, or otherwise -- has worked. It's my problem food - period. So I completely relate to your "it's not you, it's me" feelings.

To Scott: Dreamfields is disastrous for me -- even if I bolus for the full carbs in a serving. I respond to it just as I do to regular pasta. Are you a T2? I've learned that there are good number of T2s who have success wtih Dreamfields; ironically, every T1 I've spoken to about it has the same issues I do. Just doesn't work. I wish it did.

Carb O'Phile said...

Absolutely spot on, and I loved the references to Ol' Smokey :D Thanks