Monday, August 3, 2009

The "Ideal Diabetic"

George and Sara both wrote truly great posts regarding Diabetes and guilt last week.

I've mentioned Diabetes guilt previously -and thanks to Sara and George, was inspired to expand my definition of the "Ideal Diabetic." Let me know if you have anything else to add!


For all of us in the Dblogville and beyond, the “Ideal Diabetic” is not one whose numbers are constantly at a 97.

The Ideal Diabetic is the person with diabetes that takes the glucose test, and continually does so, regardless of the number

The Ideal Diabetic is one who puts the guilt of the numbers aside and learns from every test taken.

The Ideal Diabetic is one who makes mistakes and learns from them.

The Ideal Diabetic is one who learns to count carbs, and admits that sometimes they got it right, and other times they’re count was just plain wrong- but continue to count and bolus just the same.

The Ideal Diabetic is one who learns to "blame diabetes," instead of always blaming themselves.

The Ideal Diabetic cry’s when needed, because unlike baseball, there is crying in Diabetes from time to time.

The Ideal Diabetic learns to laugh at Diabetes, so they can continue to learn about their Diabetes.

The Ideal Diabetic is one who voices her or his opinion and becomes not just a Diabetes Advocate for them self, but for everyone else whose lives are affected.

The Ideal Diabetic doesn't always hit every Ideal Diabetic check mark all of the time, and that fact WILL NEVER be held against them.

The Ideal Diabetic is human.

We in the DOC – and beyond, ARE the Ideal Diabetic-the rest of society needs to relearn the Diabetes myths that Madison Avenue and Hollywood have continually perpetuated and embrace the Ideal Diabetic for who we are.

We  are human; hardworking,imperfect-with an imperfect pancreas. And we are doing the best the can every day regardless of what Diabetes...and society throws our way!


Cara said...

How true you are. You rock! :)

tmana said...

Amen, sister. And we are reaching out and touching people where we go... online or off... regardless of how someone is touched by issues of glucose metabolism...

Crystal said...

I love you darlin'!

Thanks for this. The Ideal Diabetic needs to be reminded: they are human. ;-)

wv: outxxkur
Who are we "outing"? XX kur? Insert cure here? What? (ah yes, humor...)

Meri said...

I'm going to copy this for J, and maybe even put it in his teacher binder at school.


Meri said...

OPPS, if that is ok with you?

Karen said...

Right on!!! Also, the Ideal Diabetic recognizes foods that are tough on her blood sugar. (cough . . . Mexican . . . cough) She doesn't eat it every week, even though she'd like to. But she does eat it every so often - because she can't deny herself forever. And she uses her dual-wave bolus, and take notes on what her blood sugar does, and continues to try to keep her numbers as in line as possible when she indulges.

The Ideal Diabetic isn't one who is perfect. She is just one who tries her best.

Scott S said...

Well said!!

tMac said...

I am diabetic. Hear me roar! Awesome post!

Sara said...

Thank you for the mention!

The ideal diabetic orders stuffed shells from the local Italian place even though she knows it is impossible to count carbs and account for the fat correctly because they sounded good and she hasn't had them in a while!

George said...

I love you so much Kelly. This is so true. I am sick of guilt.

You Rock.

Nan said...

o wow, i love this, Kelly! and i needed it today!
the ideal type 1 mom, checks her child's bg, boluses her and let's her eat cake!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Completely agree! George and Sara's posts of last week really had an impact, and now this one! Great message!

Bea said...

Thank you! :-)

Lora said...

I like it! Thank you for a fresh reminder!

Anonymous said...

I came back to read this again after my ice cream splurge! :-)

1happydiabetic said...

What a great post!

Melissa Lee said...

Beautifully said, Kelly. Thanks.

Lee said...

I love this. I've been having a lot of trouble remembering this myself.

k2 said...

U rock 2!

You said it!

We are all human- diabetic or not! Glad u like it!

Glad u like it and absolutely make a copy for J & his teacher!

You said it sister! And you & I are going out for Mexican!


Your KIng of the jungle baby!

THANK U for the inspiration and the stuffed shells craving!

George -
I love you 2!!



THANK YOU- & welcome to Diabetesaliciousness!

I'm glad and your welcome!

Glad you came back & ice cream was delicious!


Thank you so much !

Your welcome, and your not alone. Every single one of us has a problem remembering, including me!


cherise said...

Bravo! You hit the hammer on the nail with this post! Kelly, you rock and you are awesome!

Diane J Standiford said...

And main street (well, Seattle chick) admires you, flaws are human---we are human not Mad Men.

OneDiabetic said...

Spot on once again, a delight to read, going to have to share this with others!

Scott K. Johnson said...

K2 - I think I need to frame this and hang it on my wall.

A masterpiece.

Katie from SF said...

Kelly that is perfect!