Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Way Back Wednesday: A Stupid & Rude Question Regarding My Diabetes- And My Fabulous Response~

This was my second blog post EVER, and was originally posted on 11/12/07
And yes, it really happened to me, and yes, I was angry. I know  it's happened to others in the DOC and beyond.  Good or bad, this is how I handled it. 

So, I'm out and about on Saturday with friends and was being chatted up by a guy who thought I was pretty fab, when the subject of my insulin pump came up. 

Him: "What's that", he asked, pointing to my belt clip. A new cell phone or blackberry?" Said he, all interested and sweet like. 

I decided to be up front with him and said, "it's a nifty, super delicious insulin pump." 

He got this really concerned look on his face and asked in a serious tone, 
"Oh...,you have can u have kids?

I was seriously steamed, but kept my cool.

I told him I'd let him know the answer to that and other sex related questions 
(including turn-ons and favorite positions) if he could tell me at that very moment what his sperm count was. 

I told him that I was even willing let him take his beer glass in the bathroom so he could get an accurate number, and even wrangled a few volunteers (my friends Donald and Julian)  to watch the bathroom door for him. 

The bartender was even willing to place bets-the whole bar waited for his answer.

Turns out, & I'm quoting his answer verbatim here, " I don't really know of the top of my head." 

"Exactly," I stated emphatically- and sashayed away and let him pay for my drink. 

No morons need apply here - regardless of their sperm count.

Full disclosure friends: Diabetes has never been the deciding factor when it came to ending a relationship with someone- or starting a relationship for that matter. 

Some folks idiots and some are not. I strongly believe that Diabetes weeds out the idiot factor in dating-and I'm so glad it does. Doesn't necessarily weed out the horse's ass factor, but definitely the idiot factor~


Crystal said...

Ha ha ha. Your comebacks ROCK girl!!!!

Yes, it weeds the idiots out, thank goodness. Is that why I am still single? There are too many idiots?

Love this "way back." Love it. Love you more....

Gail said...

omg you are my new hero! I am going to teach my little one of these nifty things to say when she is older to combat stupid people asking about her pump and go girl!!

Lea said...

How much do you want to bet that guy watched Steel Magnolias like, 50 times?? LOL @ people's dumb-assedness!
Great way to handle yourself :) I loved your response!

Wendy said...

CHEERS!!!!!!!!! I love it :) YOU ROCK, SISTA!!!!!

Patrick McConnell said...

I fear you Now!!!!!!!!!LOL

You ROCK....

PS, Remind me NEVER to piss you off,


k2 said...

Maybe I should have held my tongue- then again, maybe he should have actually taken the time to get to know me before he started taking stalk of my eggs.

Thanks Gail-I'm sure your daughter will handle herself just fine ;)

Thanks! Any FYI- I really hate that movie!


You rock as well- and I'm sure you'll never get me mad to the point I verbally throw you & your swimmers to the curb!

Sarah said...

I love this post. It cracks me up... I read it a while back and must say I enjoyed it just as much this time.

OneDiabetic said...

Reading at work, and laughing out loud. People looking at me strange :) Thanks for cheering up my (so far rubbish) day!

Jim Huck said...

That is fantastic. What kind of a weirdo thinks up a question like that? At a bar? And then actually ASKS it? Does he have some sort of checklist when he meets a woman at a bar? Let's see, "How much money do you make? Can you cook? Do you do windows? Can you bear my children? Do you have rheumatoid arthritis in your family history? What about baldness on your mom's side of the family? Dogs or cats? Right or left side of bed? AT&T or Verizon? Apple or PC? Import or Domestic beer?"

OK....I'm satisfied that you have the potential to be a compatible mate. Can I buy you a drink?

Lora said...

Ha! I'd have made him buy me two drinks. And kudos to your friends and the bartender for backing you up. I think you and I would be trouble together in a bar, in 2007 or 2009...