Tuesday, August 11, 2009



As of late you’ve been reminding me of your temperamental side and frankly Diabetes- THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.

This is my second letter to you, and this time, my tone is harsher - you need a good talking to!

Stop acting like a spoiled child who doesn’t receive enough attention from its mama!

Look, I know you’re here- I know your not going anywhere, and I’m always more than willing to make nice.

I’m even willing to say I love you- because you are a part of me and I refuse to hate myself. High School and Glamour Magazine taught me that there are plenty of others who will do that in life- I refuse to.

With that being said, please stop it with the attention grabbing tricks!

Ixnay on the whole weaving the pump tubing around doorknobs and chair backs when I’m in a hurry.

And amscray to the unexplained highs and or lows- I mean really, who needs that?

I’m testing my blood sugar levels like a mad woman and counting carbs like a math professor - you need to get with the program.

AND what was with the crazy high after the Mediterranean salad last night??? That’s a low carb meal that I’ve achieved “Blood Sugar Nirvana” with over and over again.

SO why in the name of the great states of both NJ & PA did you decide to hit 270 1.5 hours after eating said Met salad? Do you really want me end up in the crazy house? Because after last nights numbers, I was damn close!

Saturday was a whole “Festival of Carbs,” and I couldn’t keep my numbers above 112- even after lowering my temporary basal rates twice!

And D, can we PLEASE talk about the whole insulin going crazy from the heat thing? Well, perhaps the blame lies more on the insulin and it's heat/sun "bake rate" factor and not you. You off the hook on that one! My apologies~

BUT, it’s all your fault that the mosquito bite on the back of my leg has taken so long to heel. Granted the scab is gone- but the purplish pink skin hue remains. Fix that please!

D, I’m scheduling my eye exam again and I’m nervous- SO PLEASE don’t decide to go all medieval diabetes when we are at said appointment.

You know how much I dread this particular Dr.'s visit- and last time you did so great and made me proud- I NEED A REPEAT PERFORMANCE!

Look D: you’re the longest relationship I’ve ever had in my life- and the fact fact won't change anytime soon.

Yes, we’ve had our ups and downs-and we’ve been through some major sh*t together, BUT we’ve also had some GREAT TIMES!

Let’s not forget how well we did during our performances at the Triangle Theater, and I’m so proud that we’ve managed (for the most part) to figure out the whole workout basal rate issue.

We rock when it comes to water sports!

And we totally nailed Blood Sugar Nirvana at Sue and Clint’s BBQ - we were awesome!

So D, get it together- stop with bitchfits for no good reason and get with the program.

As for me, I’ll remember to breathe deep and thank-you more often whenever I notice how great your doing!

BTW D: Really great job re: accepting the blous for the Cocoa Jones Jr. brownie on Sunday! THANK YOU


Crystal said...

Well said.

Maybe I should write a D letter....
I blame the humidity as of late. D and H do not get along, I pay the price. Ugh.

Yo D! Get with the program! Sheesh.

Cherise said...

Great post! Have I told you how much I LOVE reading your blog?!?! You are sooo awesome! If you ever...EVER have a speaking engagement where ever I am...I AM ThERE!

Scott S said...

We should do d-letter day instead of d-blogger day this year ... the letters might make for interesting reading!

Scott K. Johnson said...

w00t! Way to put your foot down!

k2 said...

Do it!

I'm so happy that you love reading my blog!!!!
I cant wait to meet you iIR

I think we should and will send out an email- ANy one else interested in sending a letter to D???
Email me!

Scottie J
I can be a toughie some times!

gina said...

we can do a d-letter on d-blog day this year because I always have a theme!


George said...

Let that D have it k2.


TheHopefulDiabetic said...

LOVED the post! :-)

Wendy said...

And one more thing...


Love it ;)

Anonymous said...

"AND what was with the crazy high after the Mediterranean salad last night???"

Ha ha ha, No sh*t! I had a 265 this past weekend after some plain old chicken and brown rice I'd OVER-bolused for just to be safe! I freaked out and my friend had to go for a walk around the neighborhood with me. Sometimes it just doesn't make sense.

Hilarious post.

Meri said...

I would love to send a letter to Big D, we for sure need to have a long talk.

You go girl!

Anonymous said...


Karen said...

Awesome, awesome letter!! Can you do me a favor and cc my diabetes on there too? It needs to listen up as well!!

Lora said...

I ditto what everone else said, and add my sincere admiration for the fact that you figured out how to spell "ixnay." I would've tried, then substitute a different word!

And as far as your mosquito bite, I believe your blog is also writing a letter to your D, as my wv is "unscar."

Yo, K2, love it!