Friday, September 18, 2009

Computer Emergency And the Top 11 Reasons My Blood Sugars go HIGH

Yesterday was a computer emergency day. After installing new MAC software updates yesterday morning , I literally could not log into my computer - my screen wouldn’t get past the Apple logo and the curser was in a perpetual spin cycle.

After 15 minutes of trying to work on the problem myself, which included rebooting and reinstalling the battery and 30 minutes on the phone with technical support doing all types of command options, and disk reinstillations, I had to schedule an appointment at the Apple Store. I could feel my blood sugar boiling and I tried to remain calm. I was SO scared that I'd not only have to send my computer out for repair, but the fear of lost work made me nuts!

Thursday also happened to be a work travel work day, which meant I was traveling all afternoon -the whole work thing was made even more complicated because I was unable to print out the paperwork I needed for my appointments. Which added even more stress to such a stressful morning.

SO FRUSTRATING! Thank GOD for back up paperwork- no matter how sloppy my handwriting is!

For all that stress- my sugars remained relatively calm- and didn’t climb above 160 -and then ran low all afternoon! -Go figure?

I was able to set up a MAC Bar Genius appointment an hour away from my house (but closer to my work appointments) last night. Thankfully, the MAC Genius lived up to his title was and was able to fix all my software install issues on the spot and free of charge!

By the time I rolled home at 9 pm and sat down to eat dinner, the post I had just started to write that morning remained unfinished- and still is, but will be up next week.

This morning is also a work travel day, which means limited computer time. But I want to post because posting makes me happy.

SO here's the diabetes part-

A list of the top 11 things (in no particular order) that cause my blood sugars to shoot through the roof.

1. STRESS- Stress causes blood sugars to go u, like it or not. So learning how to handle stress is key. Sometimes I handle it very well, and other times, not so much.

2. Computer Issues- I could actually feel my blood sugar percolating when I started having computer issues yesterday. When the phone tech started to sound frustrated I really started to worry. I tried some yoga breathing tricks so

A. My blood sugar wouldn’t go crazy

B. I wouldn’t verbally destroy the MAC Tech!

3. Peoples uneducated views about diabetes: Those people drive me nuts and I could and have let them get the best of me and my blood sugar. Now, I no longer allow that to happen- most of the time. I use my knowledge to kick their Diabetes fallacies to the curb every chance I get. Other times, I completely ignore them.

4. Unseen infections: These suckers cause me

To have elevated numbers before I'm even symptomatic of a cold, sore throat, etc. THANK GOD for glucometers !

5. Road Rage: Morons driving in traffic = my blood sugars reaching new heights. I have to remember to just keep my eye on the road and breathe deep!

6. Fighting with loved ones: I don't like to fight, and even thought I’ve been told “I’m a dramatic person,” but I don't like drama (as in arguments) in public places. I’d rather have and solve disagreements behind closed doors. Unfortunately, some of my siblings thrive on drama.

I find that remaining calm in an argument really helps with the blood sugar levels- and in other areas as well. So does ignoring them when needed.

7. Having a loved one's say it's the diabetes that's making me angry- not the disagreement at hand. My ex boyfriend & I lived together for almost 5 years, and like most, we had our share of disagreements. Here's the kicker- whenever I'd start to make valid points and was in danger of actually proving my point. He'd say in a calm voice, with just a hint of sarcasm: Kelly, why don't you check your blood sugar, I think your really low or really high, because your not making sense. You know how you get when your numbers start to up or down.

Yes, it was infuriating and hurtful and very passive aggressive. Especially when he knew how hard I worked to keep Diabetes in check. But I came to realize that this was a tactic for him to get me off track- I learned to ignore it and stick to the issue at hand. Looking back, I realized that in his eyes- he was never wrong- no matter whom he was disagreeing with.

8. Pasta: I just cannot figure it out- Hence the reason we had to break up.

9. Infusion set malfunctions. We never know they’ve lost their super infusion set mojo until the numbers start to creep for no reason at all. Again- THANK goodness for glucometers!

10. Skunky Insulin: When insulin goes skunky, insulin looses its super power and our blood sugar numbers pay the price!

11. The unexplained. Sometimes (and yes, it’s MADDENING) numbers go high even when we do everything right. So we keep testing, keep blousing, keep breathing and WAIT.


Crystal said...

So glad your computer woes have been put behind you!

I need to remember to breathe. It will work itself out. It. Will.

Gosh I love your posts! ((hugs))

Sarah and Sara said...

I had to break up with pasta too. *sigh*. I think number 11 is the kicker. #duckfiabetes!

phonelady said...

Oh my god my family uses no . 7 all the time and it is so freaking mean and I just go off on them . I could not agree more with you . thanks for sharing and hope today is better for you .