Friday, October 16, 2009

Diabetes Bad Habits? You Bet! Honey, I got issues!

So, last post, I wrote all about my good eating habits for Diabetes. But I’m far from perfect and have the bad Diabetes habits to prove it!

This post is all about my bad Diabetes habits/issues. I know this topic has been done before by the likes of other fantastic Dbloggers, I can think of 3 right of the bat,(Karen, Kerri, Leeann) but I know there’s more and I don’t want to forget to anyone. So If you’ve written a list, send me the link and I will add a compete list of Dblogger bad habit links to this post so no-one is left out or feels bad.

God- the whole Catholic/Jewish guilt thing really gets to me- but I digress~

Anyway, here are 10 areas of my Diabetes (in no particular order) that I REALLY need to work on.

  1. Fat Grams, what fat grams?: Not considering fat grams when I eat. I always consider carbs and fiber, but if the food is especially low in carb and high in fat (like peanut butter) I some how forget about the fat. Plus I’m not a big meat eater. I don’t eat red meat due to the fact that it hates my family,and I’m not a huge chicken or turkey fan- I eat fowl on occasion-but not always on a weekly basis. I love fish- but eating fish 7 nights a week is neither healthy nor economical. Plus, every time I eat fish- I’m hungry an hour and a half later.
  2. Cheese Lust: Because I don’t eat much meat, I use my addiction to cheese as a protein source. Except, like George Costanzia and “The Summer of George episode” I could eat a brick of cheese in one sitting. Which is why I only buy cheese sticks and sliced cheese-But I o.d on them to. I think I need to break up with cheese.
  3. Grazing is just not for cows that go MOO: I don’t eat a lot during the day- I’m just not really that hungry so breakfast and lunch are light fare for me. I eat a good dinner. But it’s the hours before bed that really do me in. I start craving the PB&J on a spoon around 9:30- and no good ever comes of it.
  4. Speaking of Peanut Butter and Jam on a spoon: If it weren’t for this tasty, yet evil snack, I’d be five pounds lighter. I can’t get enough of PB&J on a spoon. Like cheese- I probably need to break up with PB&J on a spoon- or at least see them less.
  5. Carb a lot? Carb a little?: I admit it, if I’m out (or particularly drunk on the PB&J on a spoon) I guestimate the carbs, especially for new foods or extra portions of familiar foods. Sometimes during the meal, I add an extra bolus unit to cover the meal. Sometimes I’m right; sometimes I’M REALLY wrong.
  6. When did I change my lancet? UM...I changed my lancet on…: I’m not a big fan of changing my lancet. I test my blood sugars like a crazy woman- but I go days with out changing my lancet. I’m trying to change them more often and have made progress. A new lancet is painless, and changing lancets is much easier than breaking up with cheese and peanut butter
  7. Workout wishy wash: I used to be a huge Walker- I’d walk 10, 15 miles a week – 5 of those miles to and from work 5 days a week. Philly is a great walking city. But ever since I damaged my foot (damn ligament not attaching properly!), walking long distances for cardio purposes is really hard. I miss cardio walking, both physically and mentally. My long walks were away for me to tune the world out, and workout all my issues. I get stubborn regarding what long walks due to me the next day. So I take a 5-mile walk and feel awesome! But I wake up the next morning and am in pain for 2 days after words. I need to change my cardio routine. I’m attempting a Spin class and going back to water aerobics (which I LOVE) this weekend- we’ll see how they workout. My friend Sue says that I need to admit that long crazy walk workouts are no longer good for me. She’s right- I should just ride my bike- but it’s hard to give up something that you love.
  8. I have Infusions Set attachment Issues: If I have a great infusion set going, I get really attached to it. Sometimes I don’t change it until day 4 or day 5.
  9. Bolus Roulette: If my blood sugar isn’t budging from it’s high perch- I’ve been known to ignore the amount of “Insulin On-board” “dial up” some insulin. Which of course leads (9 times out of 10) to lows later on. I’m impatient that way.
  10. Low Blood Sugar FEAST: If my blood sugar is really low, I have very difficult time sticking to the 15 grams of carb to treat a low- and tend to treat with more carbs. Now, I’ve gotten better at this, but I still over treat. When your low and feeling like your whole world is literally shaking, a juice box and a cheesestick just don’t feel like a good fix.

I’m sure I have more Diabetes Issues. What are yours? And please send me the link to your bad diabetes habits post so I can make a master list link!


Crystal said...

Issues? Nah.
You're human.

#8 -- same here. Honestly, I don't think this a Bad thing. I do it to save money too.

We all have our habits. No worries doll. None. ;-)

babscampbell said...

Wow! It's as if you'd been watching me! I have the same cheese addiction. But, I only have PB on a spoon, but sometimes 3X a day! I also don't change my lancet very often. I try once a day, but get forgetful. . .
Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. . common struggle, common theme, maybe that's "normal" after all.

Meri said...

You caught me with 5 and 6. I am SO bad at changing lancets for the boys. (I have a friend that changes his at every check! He makes me feel like a bad mom whenever he visits.) And, I am a world class carb guesstimater...if only it were an olympic sport...

Mike said...

Kelly Kelly Kelly.. Thank you so much for brightening up my day with your post. Until I forget that I too have diabetes and I pretty much equal or better you at:

#3,5,6,7,9 & 10.. Suck or what! :-)

I'm great at #8 (oh wait, I'm not on a pump)..

Do I get the prize for being the "bad bad bad diabetic"?? :-)

Tremendous post as usual!

Elizabeth Joy said...

You change your lancet every few days? Try...every few months (or when it starts feeling like digging a dull pencil into my finger!) And I test 10+ times/day. I save the changes for when I need a Pick Me Up. It makes me happy for the next week, every time I prick my finger and remember that blood testing actually can be painless.

And 15 grams of carbs when you're low? Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha! For me, it's open mouth, insert contents of refrigerator.

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Wait a can change the lancet?! (;-)

Just kidding. I am a total loss on #10 too!

meanderings said...

Thanks for the chuckles! I'll try not to feel so guilty next time I find myself not following "the rules."

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh boy, I can sure identify with a bunch of these K2.

Cheese lust - check
Carb a lot, carb a little - check
Bolus Roulette - check
Low BG Feast - CHECK!