Monday, October 19, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday.

Woke up from the most crappy night of sleep, EVER.

Couldn't sleep to save my life last night.

Checked Blood sugars at 2 am and 4am last night- since I was already up- why the hell not?

Both times, Blood sugar was 180-both required correction boluses.

Got out of bed.

Tested blood sugar. 190. What the heck?

Not happy at all. Throat is scratchy and my ears are itchy - I guess it could be worse.

Bolused for coffee times 2 and a Greek yogurt- Blueberry.


Took my Ace Inhibitor.

Dressed in spiffy brown wool pinstripe pants and a crisp white dress shirt. Silver and green accessories completed the look-I was pleased.

Where the hell are my brown loafers???

Found them- YAY

Grabbed my workbag.

Sat at my desk, and started to work.

Checked emails and made my list for the day and matched it up with my date book.

Tested: Blood sugar 160- not terrible- no correction bolus required.

Made a few calls.

But something felt not so right.

The side of my stomach hurt.

Could it be an infusion set issue?? But my Infusion set was brand new as of last night-I’d changed it just before Madmen started. BTW- how great was last nights episode!!!!

To my surprise it looked slightly purple and was tender- never a good sign.

Went in the bathroom, and removed the infusion set gingerly - site was definitely full blown eggplant purple now, and it was bleeding.

We have a bleeder!

Grabbed my test strips and monitor- noway was I going to waste already drawn blood!

Blood Sugar was 165.

A small red spot of blood managed to appear my crisp white shirt -Why does this happen every time I wear white??

How come my infusion site never bleeds when I’m wearing black??

Site was hard and tender- I’d be reminded of this incident for days.

Tried to take a pic with my iphone - not so good results.

Decided to change reservoir set as well - Only 9 units left- and a busy afternoon filled with appointments- better safe than sorry.

Still..., I felt guilty for wasting 9 units.

Treated the shirt stain with Tide Stain stick.

Gathered materials for today’s appointments and printed out paperwork.

Did I mention that the printer ran out of black ink?

Changed ink cartridge and printed said paper work again.

Lunch. Tested blood sugar: 218 – YES, REALLY. WTF was the phrase that went through my mind. Bolused for a Breakstone’s peach cottage cheese and a correction.

Changed my shirt- this one is still crisp- but it’s green and brings out my eyes.

Packed 2 Larabars, a Fuji Apple, 1 almond pack, and a big bottle of water for the road.

I also threw in an extra infusion set- just to be safe.

I have a feeling that today is going to be one of those Manic Mondays- diabetes style.

But life goes on, and so do I.


George said...

A manic one indeed. Sorry for the D-PIA but it always seems the case for me when I am in a hurry. That is when everything falls apart.

Here's to a better tomorrow.

Cara said...

Yuck. What a day. :(

Scott K. Johnson said...

What a day indeed! I was totally expecting an incident with the printer ink all over another fresh article of clothing or something. :-)