Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hugs & Kuniks To You All OR A Kunik Is Just A Kunik

So a few weeks ago I received the following email out of the blue. It made me laugh, it made me happy - it truly was the cherry on the cake of my day. And it also confirmed a thing or two I’ve long since suspected regarding being Kunikcal. While the following has absolutely nothing to do with Diabetes, I thought I'd share it with you anyway!
The following is the email exchange that occurred.
I found your blog when I Googled the word Kunik (just for fun...) I was googling Inuit words to see if I could come up with anything funny to send to a friend (serious business, this is...)
Anyway, just for fun, I thought I would tell you that a Kunik is an Inuit kiss. I like your blog. Have a nice day.Eskimo Kisses, Arm Hair, Moon Flags & Spike Lee vs. Stan Lee vs. Bruce LeeRead more:
Hey T!
Thanks for the info! Actually, I WAS aware that KUNIK was an Inuit word for kiss. And yes, Googling Kunik is how I found it out. None of my friends believed me, but I think it's INCREDIBLY COOL. I'm glad you like my blog and I hope that you have a great day!! HUGS & KUNIKS!
Kelly K
Tell your friends an Eskimo said there's no more satisfying kiss!
And there you have it!! So ironical because:
A. I'm not Inuit
B. I love to kunik
C. When I was a very little girl, my uncle (who lived in Canada- 600 miles north of Toronto, in Tundra country,) sent me brown seal skin Eskimo boots that I refused to take off.
I wore them all winter- inside and out! I loved the fact that they were made by a real, honest to goodness Eskimo, and I'd make pretend that I was an actual, honest to goodness Eskimo.
I also loved the fact that when I wore them on the beach- they were 100% waterproof.
Other Interesting Kunik facts:
A Kunik is also a type of triple creme goat cheese made by Nettle Meadow Farms, which explains SO many things. So yes, I am indeed cheesy- And have absolutely no problem admitting that.
I can't wait to try it!!!

A Kunik is also a spiffy & stylish camera made in Germany. Today people actually collect them, for both the camera's looks and photographic abilities. And on a personal note, I believe that one would most certainly need to say KUNIK when having one's picture taking with a Kunik Camera.

More about Kunik Cameras HERE
Hugs and Kuniks to you all!


George said...

That is so awesome! My name is lame though.

A-Simmons is a dorky, afro-having, little shorts wearing, meal dealing, sweatin to the oldies kind of a guy.

B- The guy who spits blood on stage and is most recognized with his tongue sticking out.

Or C - A Matress.

Hmm, Kunik wins I think. :)

Shannon said...

That's pretty cool that your name means something pretty cool (yeah, pun intended).

Stacey D. said...

Wish I had a name that meant something that cool :P

Cherise said...

That's awesome! Your name has a cool meaning! I think it's cool someone would e-mail information about your name.

k2 said...

Your name is not lame.
When I think Simmons, I think NINJABETIC. A stealth, funny and extremely talented Ninjabetic.!

Thanks for both the comment and the pun~

You are cool

Thanks! I thought it was pretty cool that T emailed me 2!

Scott K. Johnson said...

That is so neat! I bet that put a huge smile on your face when you got it! It put a smile on my face just reading about it. :-) Hugs & Kuniks to you!

Scott S said...

Cool post!!