Thursday, October 22, 2009

Team Wild!

What to you get when you take 14 women with Type 1 diabetes, put them with 1 woman with type 2 diabetes, and mix them with 5 women who are type 3?
Wait, I’m not done.
Now take this phenomenal group of women and put them on bikes- and let them cycle for 56 miles. Then put them in the water where they swim for 1.2 miles, and continue to be amazed by this ladies as they them compete in a half marathon!
Talk about Diabetes Math!
What you get is TEAM WILD- Women Inspiring Life with Diabetes, competing as the first organized team of women with Diabetes to compete in a Triathlon. The Total number of miles is 70.3, and the event is the Longhorn 70.3 Half-Iron Man in Austin, TX on October 24th.
Team Wild is a project of my friends at DESA- The Diabetes, Exercise, & Sports Association.
The women on the team represent 7 different states and range in age from 25 to 55 and every single one of them has diabetes, or is sponsored by a woman with diabetes.
Mari Ruddy, the teams founder was diagnosed with Type 1 almost 30 years ago (back in the Diabetes Dark Ages,) and is passionate about not only the benefits of exercise for PWD's, but women with Diabetes in particular!
Mari: I realized that I had a really strong passion, specifically for women with diabetes type 1 or type 2 and exercising. We all have a metabolic disorder that the # 1 killer with people with type 1 or type 2 is heart disease. That’s another bond we share.

Our management and stereotypes are different. But once you get the diagnoses you’ve got to exercise and protect your heart. # 1 best protection for your heart is cardio vascular activity.
Women in particular benefit having friends colleges and peers that the can share the exercise journey with. That’s when Team Wild was born. And we started with this half Iron Man team, which is called a 70. 3- that’s how many miles we will cover.
Did I mention that there are multiple ways that you can be an actual member of Team Wild, no matter what level of athleticism you have?

Did I mention the fact that Mari didn't start exercising until she was 30?

Did I mention that Mari is a Breast Cancer survivor and religiously rode her bike during months and months of cancer treatment??

I didn't? No worries because I will- come back and for "the rest of the story" on Monday!

Right now, I'm going to put some air in my bike tires- I'm inspired to get my MOVE on!


Cherise said...

Mari and Team Wild-
Keep up the great work:) it's amazing to see women come together for such a great cause!

K2- thanks for sharing Team Wild with us. I can't wait to read the rest on Monday!

Scott K. Johnson said...

You all are simply amazing (you too K2!)!

I can't wait to read the rest of the interview. Thank you!