Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roller Coaster Of Blood

Mantra @ Sea World in Florida. It's billed as the worlds scariest Roller Coaster-Sans the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster of course. Photo Courtesy of the The Daily Mail.

Today’s post was inspired by Crystal over at RandomlyCapitalized about 45 minutes ago.

Crystal is a wonderful and enthusiastic member of dBlogville. Her post was about change and the craziness of the past few blood sugar days- YOU NEED TO READ IT.

You can also follow her on Twitter @CALPUMPER

Thanks for the inspiration CP!

As people with diabetes, we’ve come to realize that Diabetes, a disease that is with us every single day, is never the same disease two days in a row. 

Sometimes, it's a roller coaster ride of blood sugars – literally!

Our blood sugars, sometimes have a mind of their own- no matter how heard we work to keep them in control.

They go low and the worst of times, even when you put yourself on a temporary basal rate or have eaten something carbalicious.

Personally, when this Diazon is about to get a visit from Aunt Flo, I run extremely low blood sugars the day before, and during my period- I know many of you Diazons know of which I speak~

Sometimes blood sugars go high in the stratosphere - even when we’ve eaten the same carb friendly meal for the hundredth time, and tested and bolused accordingly.

It's truly a WTF moment.

We as PWDs work hard every day, and when our numbers go wonky- we test, and test again, and watch the clock and our insulin on board status.

Sometimes, and against our pumps instructions, we get trigger happy on with our pump arrow keys.

We press when we shouldn't- with mixed results.

We continually battle with our insurance companies on why we need to test more than 5 times a day. Like or not insurance companies, 5 to 7 times a day isn’t enough- even on a good day.

And on bad day- 5 to 7 test strips barely covers the morning.

And just when we think we've nailed our blood sugar course, and are doing everything right, with numbers that are calm for days on end, Diabetes flips its bitch switch on because it can.

It makes and unexpected loopty –loop, and then goes upside down and right side up. Followed by a quick hairpin turn that leaves us wobbling

But here’s the thing diabetes, PWD's have Bitch Switches too.

And humor and frustration are great motivators.

We also have a community that is strong and helps us stay on your course- and ours.

YES, we get down and have moments where we want to give up.

We may stumble at times, and even fall down- There's ABSOLUTELY no shame in falling down- AS LONG AS WE GET BACK UP

And we do.

We get back up and remind Diabetes and ourselves whose really charge.

Diabetes, I OWN YOU- not the other way around!


Crystal said...

Power to the ownership! I Own you D, Own. Uh huh. Sure do. So, if you don't mind, can we start getting along again? Kay, thanks.

Loops of bitchiness are Not fun. But humor sure helps.

Thanks Much for the shout out. Happy to inspire. Maybe on less of a 'betus coaster note next time. [wink] Yeah, that sounds good to me.

wv: lailin
Sometimes when we lai lin (ok, so it should be low, go with it) the 'betus coaster takes a dip then a turn then a loop.

Unknown said...

Your blood is like a rollercoaster, baby baby...

Despite the fact that the reason for this post is no fun at all, it still has me singing!

George said...

I am sorry for the ups and downs but you put that D in it's place. You are right, you own it! Put the SMACK down on it! BAM!

wv: imbacks

I think that means you should use the back of your hand to slap the D in the grill!

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Here here! :-)

phonelady said...

here here we know what you are feeling . I have been having the roller coaster effect myself

Cherise said...

Lol Aunt Flo lol love it! I go high when Aunt Dottie visits:( darn, I flip the temp basal on and go about my business. I agree with the Rollar Coaster theory but I don't like them. They suck and make me sick:(

Anonymous said...

Own it! Whip that D into shape!

I tell my D repeatedly that I am its master, yet it seems to just laugh at me.

What?!?!?! You mock me!??! OH, my D.... Now you're going to get it!

I send you to the corner to where the pointy hat. Forbid you to play dodgeball with the other chronic diseases. How do you like that? Uh huh. Thought so...