Friday, October 30, 2009

Tommorrow is My Diaversary!!

Taken one Indian Summer day, right before I was diagnosed~

Tomorrow (Halloween) I will celebrate 32 years of Diabetes goodness.

I don’t know quite what the day will bring, but you can bet that some form of chocolate and or cupcakey deliciousness will come into play.

I will celebrate with joy.

Yes you heard me, JOY.

Joy that I’m alive and well.
Joy that life did indeed go on.

Joy that much like the little girl from long ago, I continue to learn and still laugh loudly and from my belly.

And I will rejoice in the fact that I make others laugh and learn

as well.

I will celebrate that I am still silly, sensitive, and serious.

I will celebrate every blood sugar- the good ones and the not so good.

I will celebrate every bump in the road traveled, and cherish everyone one I’ve met- including YOU.

I will wave my Diabetes Flag HIGH and hope that you will join me and do the same!

I will relish who I am, who I was, and what I’ve become.

The good, the bad, and the Diabetesaliciousness of of it all~

And I will continue to grasp at the golden rings at this thing called life.

The one thing I will not do is mourn the little girl whose pancreas broke and whose life changed forever that Halloween long ago.

Mourning is for the dead, and I am the girl who not only lived, but has become a woman who continues to do so every day.


Bethany said...

so many of us were diagnosed in OCtober! mine diaversary was 10/2 (19 years this year) and a bunch of twit-folk were too.

Scott S said...

Happy 32nd, I "celebrated" my 33rd this year, although I marked the occasion not so much with anything special, but acknowledgment that not much had really changed (and that's not a bad thing, considering how bad they COULD be). Anyway, here's to NOT celebrating another 32 years, as hopefully in the next decade, a choice of cures will be available!!

Unknown said...

High fives!! I think you're a great example of what it's like to actually *live* with diabetes. Here's to so many, many more years of complaining about dia-drama with you, friend. :D

I suggest we get together soon for something *more* than bolus-worthy.


Crystal said...

Happy 32nd Diaversary Kelly!! Love that picture of you, love love!
Here's to many more wonderful years ;-)

Reem said...

happy diaversary, kel! you are amazing and inspirational, and i will be eternally grateful for finding your blog the week after i was diagnosed. you floored me!

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

*Fist bump* Way to go Kelly! Chocolate sounds like the best way to celebrate! Glad you're with us!

HVS said...

Happy Diaversery! You inspire all of your fellow Diazons and (the D guys too, I'm sure). May you have many MORE sweet Oct.31sts( without the diabetes)

babscampbell said...

Happy Diaversary! This is a FANTASTIC post as always. . love the photo. I wish you many, many years of celebration to come. You are an inspiration to all us Diazons in the DOC. Go enjoy a piece of decadence!

Bernard said...

KK that's an awesome picture. I was diagnosed also after an indian summer. I loved the summer, hated it's end.

I'm thankful for all of our diabetes. Without it, many of us would never have met.

Elizabeth Joy said...

What a cutie you were! (Almost as cute as you are now...) I'll be at 37 years next month, dx'ed when I was 2. Planning to go back and read this post again then, to remind me how to feel about it!

Just read Hannah's post--Maybe the three of us (and Lee Ann?) can get together to do some joint celebrating, involving cupcakes, of course...

Happy, happy diaversary, Kelly. (hugs)

Nan said...

i am glad to know you, k2! you inspire and encourage!! i gain so much by reading about your life. it gives me hope for my little girl. i hope you have a wonderful diaversary tomorrow!! let us eat cake!!!

Lora said...

Celebratory salutations! I love seeing little-verion Kelly. She's a cutie and I'm very glad to know the grown-up version.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Happy diaversary! I mark them as events to be acknowledged and celebrated, because we've lived and learned another year. Congrats K2!